BottlesBourbon Finished In Port Casks Is Exactly What The Last Weeks Of Winter Calls For

Bourbon Finished In Port Casks Is Exactly What The Last Weeks Of Winter Calls For


Fans of Texas, bourbon, and all good and wholesome things should get to know Garrison Brothers and particularly their Guadalupe whiskey. Located about an hour outside of Austin, the brand became the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas when it opened in 2006.

Made from a mashbill of corn, red winter wheat, and malted barley–similar to Pappy Van Winkle–Garrison Brothers Guadalupe initially ages for four years in 30-gallon barrels, then spends an additional two years in tawny Port casks. Bottled at 107 proof, the whiskey delivers notes of berries, plums, strawberry, biscuits, chocolate, and honey. If you’re wondering just when you should drink such a decadent bottling, the distillery recommends after dinner, paired with your favorite dessert.

The project for this particular bourbon began back in 2016, when Garrison Brothers Master Distiller Donnis Todd traded 20 charred white American Oak bourbon barrels for twenty decades-old port casks. The whiskey ended up debuting in 2021 and has been a hit ever since.

Just over 16,000 bottles of Garrison Brothers Guadalupe will be released over the course of this year, with the first thousand selling out at the distillery earlier this month. The 2023 edition of Guadalupe will arrive at stores this month with a price tag of $149.99.

For more information, head over to the distillery’s official website.

Another of our favorite offerings from this distinguished Texas distillery is their signature limited-edition Cowboy Bourbon.

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