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Owned by Creative Spirits – O de Vie SAS, Generous Gin comes from the small hamlet of La Rochefoucauld, located within the Cognac region of France. The French spirits brand produces three different Gins: Original, Organic, and Purple. Each is unique in its own right and excellent paired with tonic or thrown into a cocktail. 


Ingredients: Juniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Jasmin & Elder Flower.

Generous Gin’s Original has a light and shiny texture. On the nose, it is fine and floral with a dominant base of juniper, softened by elderflower and jasmine. On the palet, an explosion of citrus fruits and spices highlight the freshness of the juniper, with sweet floral notes and traces of jasmine. The finish is long, and enriched by notes of red pepper, citrus fruits and juniper.


Ingredients: Juniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Combava & Coriander.

Like the Original, Generous Gin’s Organic variety has a light and shiny texture. On the nose it is fresh, sweet and fine, with a slight hint of juniper that’s softened by notes of lemon. On the palate, coriander and combava combine with a base of juniper and it has a long, aromatic finish. Juniper is found throughout every piece of the tasting process, providing the Gin its connective tissue.


Generous Gin claims “Purple” is the first gin to contain polyphenols and grape anthocyanins. Polyphenols are the molecules that make up the tannins in wine, while anthocyanins bring the texture and color of red wine; they are also known for being antioxidants. Purple has a smooth, dry texture and deep ruby color. On the nose,  pink grapefruit and lemon lime notes mix with scents of juniper and freshly crushed pepper. The palate is filled with pink grapefruit and Timut pepper. The result is a powerful, seductive Gin deserving of its own classification.


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