NewsGin Gin, India’s First “Hemp Craft Gin,” Has Arrived

Gin Gin, India’s First “Hemp Craft Gin,” Has Arrived


Gin Gin is the newest spirit to join India’s burgeoning Gin scene. Made by 24-year-old Shubham Khanna, it took two years and 40 recipes to get the product right, but now it’s here and ready to expand the marketplace.

Made up of nine unique botanicals, including hemp, Himalayan juniper, coriander, lavender, rosemary, caraway seeds, cinnamon, lemongrass, and butterfly pea flower, they’ve branded themselves as India’s only single-shot distilled ‘hemp’ gin.

Based in Goa, Khanna’s ingredients come from across India, and amazingly they’ll delivered via Amazon during lockdown. 

When asked why “hemp,” Khanna told Conde Nast Traveller India, “I want Gin Gin to be a gateway spirit for the entire category. In this regard, adding hemp as a botanical would help pique a consumer’s curiosity.” The self-taught Khanna learned the distilling business himself by travelling to New York to study that Gin making process.

Gin Gin soft launched at a few bars and hotels across Goa and is now hitting the market in India’s sunshine state. Next up, the small craft start-up will come to New Delhi, where it should be available “soon,” but there is no exact release date available at this time as coronavirus restrictions and guidelines may impact deadlines.

Gin Gin comes in a bottle noted for its clean, minimalist design that also has subtle marking to remind consumers to restock their bars with the Gin. It will be available for Rs 999 ($13.29 USD) for 70cl (roughly 700ml). If you’re looking for more information on the spirit, check out their official Instagram.

Currently, Gin is thriving in India. While it has only been a few years since the nation’s first homegrown gin—Greater Than by Nao Spirits—came to market, there has been a surge ever since. Most recently, Terai from Rajasthan and Jin Jiji, also out of Goa, hit markets across India.

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