NewsGlengoyne Unveils Offline Edition, Featuring Digital Black Spot

Glengoyne Unveils Offline Edition, Featuring Digital Black Spot


In an effort to combat today’s constant barrage of digital notifications and an obsession with checking our phones, Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has created “The Offline Edition” – a limited-edition whisky designed for switching off and enjoying uninterrupted moments with loved ones.

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New research from the distiller shows the extent to which our phones are interrupting important moments with others. Over half (52%) of adults have forgotten what they are saying mid-conversation because they are distracted by it, with over a third (38%) admitting to checking their devices frequently when enjoying special moments with friends and family. Nearly two-thirds (69%) of 16-44 year-olds have had a friend or family member check their phone in the middle of an important conversation, or while they’ve been upset (53%). Now, the majority of Brits (53%) say they’d value these moments with others more without their phones.

In response to these findings, ‘The Offline Edition’ uses an aluminum inner cylinder to turn the whisky box into a digital black spot – blocking out electromagnetic signals for up to four smartphones.

The packaging was inspired by the original Faraday cage, invented just three years after Glengoyne began making its whisky in 1833.

“No matter where we are, or how hard we try, there’s a temptation to check our phones, or be distracted by someone else’s screen lighting up at the table,” explained Barbara Turing, Brand Manager at Glengoyne. “It’s no surprise that time away from our tech has become one of the greatest luxuries of all. As Scotland’s slowest distilled malt, we’ve always celebrated being unhurried. The Offline Edition gives a new meaning to the term ‘second use’ – a special box that gives us all some time back for our own special moments with others and to savour a great tasting dram.”

‘The Offline Edition’ boxes will be installed in premium whisky bars around the globe – including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the US.

A limited run of The Offline Edition boxes will soon be available to purchase for £120 via the Glengoyne website. Each purchase includes a 70cl bottle of Glengoyne Legacy Series: Chapter Three.

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