NewsHeaven Hill Distillery Launches Square 6 Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distillery Launches Square 6 Bourbon


Heaven Hill Distillery has launched Square 6 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the first bottled bourbon produced at its artisanal distillery located in the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. 

Square 6 designates the original plot of land where Evan Williams built Kentucky’s first commercial distillery in 1783, sharing the same block on Louisville’s Whiskey Row where the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience first opened in 2013. This initial launch from the one barrel per day, hand-crafted, copper pot still facility is a testament to Heaven Hill Distillery’s commitment to quality, craft and patience. Square 6 is only the beginning in a series of craft products to come from the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

As a High Rye Bourbon, the Square 6 mashbill consists of 52 percent corn, 35 percent rye and 13 percent malted barley, a new Bourbon recipe under the Heaven Hill Distillery portfolio. Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau distills one barrel of American Whiskey per day at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and is continually crafting innovative mashbills and tweaking the hand-crafted process for each new recipe. 

Since the building of the craft distillery, Heaven Hill has been patiently waiting as the barrels quietly age to maturation. During this aging process, a team of master tasters samples each recipe at various stages until that specific mashbill has been deemed to have achieved a taste profile worthy of bottling. Square 6 High Rye Bourbon is the first result of this process and the first bottling from the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience stills. 

Square 6 High Rye Bourbon was bottled at 47.5% ABV. It has a golden amber color, with notes of tobacco, fig and honey on the nose, earthy notes with cardamom and cinnamon to taste, and a short, dry finish.

“Today marks another milestone in the educational, interactive experiences offered at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience as we can now experience the aroma and taste of this truly hand-crafted process from the grain to the glass,” said Max L. Shapira, Heaven Hill Distillery President. “From the first day Artisanal Distiller Emeritus Charlie Downs turned on the stills nearly eight years ago to Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau patiently waiting years for this product to come of age in the barrel, today we celebrate Heaven Hill’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.”

Square 6 will be released in a 750ml, stylized, squared off glass bottle with the face label depicting the original map where Evan Williams’ distillery was initially located. The packaging also includes Evan Williams’ signature and the product recipe. The limited release of Square 6 High Rye Bourbon will be available in small quantities as a unique offering at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and available at select Kentucky retailers for a suggested retail price of $89.99.

To celebrate the occasion, a commemorative barrel was rolled down Louisville’s Main Street by Heaven Hill Distillery President Max Shapira, Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau, Artisanal Distiller Emeritus Charlie Downs, Louisville Tourism President & CEO Karen Williams, and Louisville Tourism Chief Operating Officer Cleo Battle. These representatives signified a pillar of the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Whiskey Row industry: family legacy, artisanal craft production, Bourbonism, and hospitality. Max Shapira then unveiled the first Bourbon put in bottle made from the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at a press conference in the lobby.

For more information, head over to the Heaven Hill Distillery website.

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