NewsHennessy Partners With Les Twins On Two Limited-Edition Bottles Of VS Cognac

Hennessy Partners With Les Twins On Two Limited-Edition Bottles Of VS Cognac


Hennessy has teamed up with French dance prodigies Les Twins on two limited-edition bottles of its VS (Very Special) Cognac. The Maison has long-standing history of working with artists of all types on special releases of its VS, and previously has partnered with KAWS, Futura, and A$AP Ferg to name a few.

The Hennessy x Les Twins collaboration marks the first time two bottles are dropping as part of the same limited-edition collection. “Les Twins are street movement creators, by choosing them, it allowed us to expand the Hennessy Very Special street culture territory already owned by the Maison, to another — the dance world,” explained Elodie Koeberlé, Global Marketing Manager of Hennessy’s premium range.

To create their own limited-edition collection, Les Twins were invited to Maison Hennessy in Cognac, France to explore the full journey behind the iconic spirit. The identical twins gained access to the Maison’s vineyards, distilleries, and Founder’s Cellar, then translate the process they witnessed into an interpretative artistic movement.

“Hennessy has been collaborating with street artists for many years, enlisting talented individuals from all over the world for limited-edition bottles,” said Laurent Bourgeois, one half of Les Twins. “The artist creates a masterpiece then Maison Hennessy creates an exclusive bottle that showcases the one-of-a-kind artwork.”

Hennessy vs les twins

After, Les Twins returned to the studio to build upon their newfound inspirations through motion capture video for the accompanying campaign titled “Move Out Loud”. Speaking on how Cognac-making was incorporated into movement, Larry Bourgeois explained, “It felt like we were dancing naked in a room full of people. [laughs] but the result was 1000% worth it,” explained Larry Bourgeois about Les Twins creative process.  s, “It’s incredible, but how would we take our art, our craft, and put that on a bottle? We are dancers. We don’t draw, we move. How would we convey our movement and essence onto a bottle? That’s when ‘Move Out Loud’ was born.”

The “Move Out Loud” campaign features the backing track “Mirror” by Les Twins, which serves as a snippet of their upcoming project to their venture into music.

For more information, head over the the collaboration’s official webpage.

In May, Hennessy partnered with media artist and director Refik Anadol for the 2021 V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition, which boldly recasts its savior-faire in an unexpected new dimension.

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