NewsHerno Old Tom Gin Wins Gin Masters 2020, As Swedish Distillery Takes Home Four Master Medals

Herno Old Tom Gin Wins Gin Masters 2020, As Swedish Distillery Takes Home Four Master Medals


Herno Old Tom Gin took home the biggest award at the Gin Masters 2020. The Swedish spirit was awarded the Taste Master trophy and picked up a Master Medal. It was a good night for the Swedish distillery overall as four different gins picked up Master Medals and another won Gold. 

Judges tasted over 200 different Gin expressions during this year’s Gin Masters, reflecting the growth of both the blind tasting competition and the popularity of the often clear spirit.

Martin Miller’s also performed well picking up a Master Medal, along with two Golds. In total, 26 Master Medals were handed out to 24 different Gins during the Gin Masters 2020:  Archie Rose Distilling Co – Harvest 2019, Poorman’s Orange Gin, Atom Brands Bathtub Gin, Black Fox Haskap Gin, Dublin City Gin – The Dublin Cut, Gin Ting – Passionfruit, Mango and Elderflower, Gordon’s Traveller’s Edition, Hampstead London Dry Gin, Hellström Dry Gin, Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, Hernö Navy Strength Gin, Hernö Old Tom Gin, Hernö Pink Btl Gin, Lost Loch Spirits – Eenoo Gin, Mackmyra Lab Cask Aged Gin, Martin Miller’s Westbourne Gin, Masons Lavender Edition Gin, Masons Tea Edition Gin, O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri – Vidda Tørr Gin, Portofino Dry Gin, Prodal 94 – Wembley London Dry Gin, Sky Wave Gin London Dry, Sky Wave Gin Navy Strength London Dry, Spirit of Hven Stella Nova

Below is a complete list of the winner from the Gin Masters 2020:

The Gin Masters 2020 Results


Lidl GBHampstead London Dry GinMaster
Blackwater DistilleryBoyles Small Batch Botanical GinGold
Aldi Stores UKHarrison GinSilver
Altia SwedenExplorer GinSilver
La Martiniquaise‐BardinetGibson’s London Dry GinSilver


Lidl GBAquine Scottish Craft GinGold
Cap GinCap GinGold
Zamora CompanyMartin Miller’s Original GinGold
P BruggemanHTK Belgian Dry GinGold
ArcusSkagerrak GinGold
Első Magyar Gin ManufaktúraOpera GinGold
Inis Tine Uisce TeorantaGrace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish GinGold
Isle of Barra DistillersBarra Atlantic GinGold
The M&H Whisky DistilleryM&H Levantine GinGold
Sông Cái DistilleryVietnam Floral GinGold
Sir EdmondSir Edmond GinSilver
Maison FerrandCitadelle OriginalSilver
Lidl GBHortus Premium Pink GinSilver

Super Premium

Atom BrandsBathtub GinMaster
Dublin City GinDublin City Gin – The Dublin CutMaster
Oslo HåndverksdestilleriVidda Tørr GinMaster
Zamora CompanyMartin Miller’s Westbourne GinMaster
Brockmans GinBrockmans GinGold
Eyland SpiritsÓlafsson GinGold
BEG Boutique DistilleryBEG Brazilian Boutique Dry GinGold
North Uist DistilleryDownpour Scottish Dry GinGold
BEG Boutique DistilleryBEG New World Navy GinGold
Distil CompanyBlackwoods GinSilver
Famille NaudDistilled Gin NaudSilver
Mercury SpiritsVII Hills Italian Dry GinSilver
Highclere Castle SpiritsHighclere Castle GinSilver
Four Pillars DistilleryFour Pillars Rare Dry GinSilver
OSS Craft DistilleryBareksten Botanical GinSilver
OSS Craft DistilleryBareksten Mørket/DarknessSilver
BarbertonCanaïma GinSilver

Ultra Premium

Pudel SrlPortofino Dry GinMaster
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Pink Btl GinMaster
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Old Tom GinMaster
Silent Pool DistillersSilent Pool GinGold
Hellström GinHellström Dry GinGold
Lough Ree DistillerySling Shot Distilled Irish GinGold
Raven SpiritsHrafn Gin ‘Thought & Memory’Gold
Comte de Grasse44°NGold
Silent Pool DistillersSilent Pool Rose Expression GinGold
Chugoku JozoSakurao Gin HamagouGold
Wessex DistilleryThe Wyvern’s GinGold
The Melbourne Gin CompanySingle ShotSilver
Salcombe Distilling CoSalcombe Gin ‘Start Point’Silver
English SpiritDr J’s GinSilver
UokkaTanzanite GinSilver
Black Pig Alentejo DistilleryGin Black Pig Costa AlentejanaSilver

London Dry

Altia SwedenO.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry GinMaster
DiageoGordon’s Traveller’s EditionMaster
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Pink Btl GinMaster
Prodal 94Wembley London Dry GinMaster
Brewdog Distilling CoZealot’s HeartGold
Red Door GinRed Door GinGold
Tiger GinTiger GinGold
Pearse Lyons DistilleryHa’PennyGold
The Welsh Whisky CompanyBrecon Special Reserve GinGold
The Port of Leith DistilleryLind and LimeGold
Niedersachsen GinNiedersachsen – Gin Home FieldsGold
Copenhagen DistilleryBay Leaf GinGold
CAP GinCAP GinGold
DiageoGordon’s London DryGold
Junimperium DistilleryJunimperium Blended Dry GinGold
Hutmachers MaritimeSpirituosenSchwarzer Walfisch GinGold
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö GinGold
Winchester DistilleryTwisted Nose GinGold
Hellström GinHellström Dry GinGold
Aldi Stores UKGreyson’s London Dry GinSilver
Sloemotion DistilleryFinders Spirits London Dry GinSilver
Lidl GBHortus Artisan London Dry GinSilver
Sash & FritzWild Child GinSilver
The Welsh Whisky CompanyBrecon Botanical GinSilver
English Drinks CompanyLondon Dry GinSilver
Winchester DistilleryWinchester Dry GinSilver
Wessex DistilleryAlfred the Great GinSilver
Rude MechanicalsVineyard GinSilver
Chugoku JozoSakurao Gin OriginalSilver


Hellström GinHellström Dry GinMaster
Lost Loch SpiritsEenoo GinMaster
Irish DistillersMethod and Madness Irish Micro Distilled GinGold
Distillerie des AppalachesKepler PremiumGold
Lough Ree DistilleryAiteal Distilled Irish GinGold
Wanderer DestillerieWanderer Provence GinSilver

Old Tom

Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Old Tom GinMaster &Taste Master
OSS Craft DistilleryBareksten Botanical Gin Old TomGold
Maison FerrandCitadelle Old Tom No MistakeGold
Cotswolds DistilleryCotswolds Old Tom GinGold
Lidl GBHortus Old Tom GinSilver


Hellström GinHellström Dry GinGold
Copenhagen DistilleryBay Leaf GinSilver
Forged in WakefieldYorkshire StrengthSilver


Archie Rose Distilling CoHarvest 2019 Poorman’s Orange GinMaster
The Sky Wave Distilling CompanySky Wave Gin London DryMaster
Masons Yorkshire GinMasons Lavender Edition GinMaster
Masons Yorkshire GinMasons Tea Edition GinMaster
Archie Rose Distilling CoSydney Opera House Outside GinGold
Archie Rose Distilling CoSydney Opera House Inside GinGold
Archie Rose Distilling CoSignature Dry GinGold
Lark Distilling CoForty Spotted Gin – Australian CitrusGold
Lark Distilling CoForty Spotted Gin – ClassicGold
Seppeltsfield Road DistillersSavoury AllsortsGold
Seppeltsfield Road DistillersHouse GinGold
Electric Spirit CoAchroous GinGold
Niedersachsen Gin –frei.wild.unabhängigNiedersachsen Gin Wild Picked SloeGold
Niedersachsen Gin –frei.wild.unabhängigNiedersachsen Gin Wild Picked CornelGold
Strawhill Estate Spirits CoJacquard GinGold
ArcusSkagerrak GinGold
Masons Yorkshire GinMasons Peppered Pear Edition GinGold
Masons Yorkshire GinMasons Original GinGold
Four Pillars DistilleryFour Pillars Spiced Negroni GinGold
Raven SpiritsHrafn Gin ‘Winter’Gold
Distillerie Côte des SaintsDistillerie Côte des Saints Premium GinGold
Mallorca DistilleryPalma GinGold
Mackmyra WhiskyMackmyra Lab Distillery Kreatör GinGold
Archie Rose Distilling CoDistillers Strength GinGold
Pembrokeshire Gin CoTenby Dry GInSilver
Pearse Lyons DistilleryMil GinSilver
The StoryThe Story GinSilver
Mackmyra WhiskyMackmyra Organic Lab Distillery GinSilver
Black Pig Alentejo DistilleryGin Black Pig Montado AlentejanoSilver
MirabeauMirabeau Rosé GinSilver
The Muff Liquor CompanyMuff GinSilver
Lignell & PiispanenGustav Metsä GinSilver
Sông Cái DistilleryVietnam Dry GinSilver
Four Pillars DistilleryFour Pillars Olive Branch GinSilver
BEG Boutique DistilleryBEG Modern & Tropical GinSilver
Wessex DistillerySaxon Garden GinSilver
Lough Ree Distilleryfor The Armada HotelMist + Moss Distilled Irish GinSilver
The West Winds GinCutlassSilver

Cask Aged

Spirit of HvenSpirit of Hven Stella NovaMaster
Mackmyra WhiskyMackmyra Lab Cask Aged GinMaster
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Juniper Cask GinMaster
Dyfi DistilleryNavigation GinGold
Distillerie des AppalachesKepler ReserveGold
Zamora CompanyMartin Miller’s 9 Moons GinGold
Mallorca DistilleryPalma Spiced GinGold
Black Fox Farm and DistilleryBlack Fox Oaked GinSilver
Oslo HåndverksdestilleriFjæra Rosé ginSilver
Salcombe Distilling CoSalcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Phantom’Silver

Navy Strength

The Sky Wave DistillingCompanySky Wave Gin Navy Strength London DryMaster
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Navy Strength GinMaster
The West Winds GinBroadsideGold
Junimperium DistilleryJunimperium Navy Strength GinGold
Elephant GinElephant Strength GinGold
OSS Craft DistilleryBareksten Botanical Gin Navy StrengthSilver
Four Pillars DistilleryFour Pillars Navy Strength GinSilver

Flavoured Gin

Gin TingPassionfruit, Mango and ElderflowerMaster
Black Fox Farm and DistilleryBlack Fox Haskap GinMaster
Brewdog Distilling CoLone Wolf Cloudy LemonGold
Blackwater DistilleryBoyles Raspberry BlushGold
OSS Craft DistilleryElsker Dry Pink GinGold
The Welsh Whisky CompanyBrecon Chocolate Orange GinGold
The West Winds GinWild Plum GinGold
Seppeltsfield Road Distillers2020 Barossa Shiraz GinGold
Spirit of HarrogateSlingsby Rhubarb GinGold
Black Fox Farm and DistilleryBlack Fox Cucumber Gin (#7)Gold
Altia SwedenExplorer Pink GinGold
DiageoGordon’s Sicilian LemonGold
Junimperium DistilleryJunimperium Rhubarb EditionGold
Wessex DistilleryGooseberry & Elderflower GinGold
Imagine SpiritsPink Robin Aronia GinSilver
Salcombe Distilling CoSalcombe Gin ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’Silver
The Welsh Whisky CompanyBrecon Rhubarb & Cranberry GinSilver
Aldi Stores UKHaysmith’s Peach & Orange Blossom GinSilver
Aldi Stores UKHaysmith’s Mango & Passionfruit GinSilver
Aldi Stores UKHaysmith’s Seville Orange & Persian Lime GinSilver
Manchester GinManchester Gin – Blackberry InfusedSilver
Lidl GBHortus Orange & Passionfruit GinSilver
Spirit of HarrogateSlingsby Marmalade GinSilver
Sir EdmondSir Edmond GinSilver
Mag Markus GselmannBærenman Dry Pink GinSilver
Gin TingBerries, Berries, BerriesSilver
Spirit of The LakesBedrock Gooseberry and Elderflower GinSilver

Sloe Gin

North Uist DistilleryDownpour Sloe & BrambleGold
Hernö Gin DistilleryHernö Sloe GinGold
Niedersachsen GinNiedersachsen Gin Wild Picked SloeSilver
Wessex DistilleryEnglish Sloe GinSilver

Gin Liqueur

English SpiritLimonginoGold
Lidl GBAquine Scottish Craft Gin LiqueurRaspberry and BlackberryGold
Lidl GBHortus Scottish Raspberry Gin LiqueurGold
Lidl GBHortus Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin LiqueurGold
Lidl GBHortus Rhubarb Ginger Gin LiqueurSilver

Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, a second round of the Gin Masters 2020 will take place in September.

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