NewsHigh West Unveils Barrel-Finished Cocktail Collection With Bottled Manhattan And Old Fashioned

High West Unveils Barrel-Finished Cocktail Collection With Bottled Manhattan And Old Fashioned


High West Distillery has launched a new bottled Whiskey Cocktail Collection featuring a Barrel-Finished Manhattan and Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned. These new offerings are part of the distillery’s renewed focus on the premium pre-batched cocktail category.

Conceptualized by High West’s Master Distiller Brendan Coyle and Beverage Director Steve Walton, each barrel-finished cocktail is formulated using time-tested recipes and high-quality ingredients. Utilizing a blend of Bourbon and Rye for added complexity, the cocktails are crafted then matured in used rye barrels.

“Our goal was to embody the essence of these classic cocktails while incorporating our distinct High West flare. With a blend of bourbon and rye as the base, each has a unique added depth that sets them apart from other bottled cocktails,” shares Coyle. “We are proud to introduce them to both whiskey fans and cocktail lovers.”

High West bottled cocktail Old Fashioned

Each bottling comprises a harmonious blend of bourbon, rye and aromatic bitters, with the Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned (43% ABV, 86 Proof) featuring demerara simple syrup for a touch of sweetness, while the Barrel-Finished Manhattan (37% ABV, 74 Proof) includes two types of Vermouth. Both are best enjoyed over ice, garnish the Old-Fashioned with a lemon and orange twist and the Manhattan with a brandied cherry.

“Our bar program has been the proving ground for these cocktail recipes. We experimented with and served variations on these cocktails from behind the bar for years, ultimately resulting in these final recipes. We developed them to be complex yet balanced, and they can be enjoyed on their own or when paired with food,” says Walton.

Both bottled offerings from the High West barrel-finished Cocktail Collection are available for $49.99 per 750ml bottle—serving approximately 12 cocktails—and $29.99 per 375ml bottle, which serves six cocktails. The collection is currently available at select retail locations nationwide and will be available online at High West’s official website this fall.

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