NewsJack Daniel’s Introduces Jamaican Allspice And 14E19 “Twin” Blend Whiskeys

Jack Daniel’s Introduces Jamaican Allspice And 14E19 “Twin” Blend Whiskeys


Jack Daniel’s has introduced Jamaican Allspice And 14E19 “Twin” Blend Whiskies as part of its Tennessee Tasters’ Selection series. The sixth and seventh Whiskies from the Tennessee distillery’s collection are limited to approximately 24,000 bottles for each.

Jack Daniel’s Jamaican Allspice takes the iconic Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 and finishes it for 180 days in days in toasted Jamaican allspice wood. Selected by Master Taster Melvin Keebler and bottled at 100 proof, the Whiskey has a nose of fruit, smoke, and sweet tobacco. The palate features flavors of dark spice and clove with a long and bold finish.

Jack Daniel’s 14E19 “Twin” Blend Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s 14E19 “Twin” Blend gets its name from the entry date of 20 barrels of Tennessee Whiskey and 30 barrels of Tennessee Rye that entered the barrelhouses on May 19, 2014.  The 50 barrels were selected by Master Taster Jessica Hartline and blended to produce a flavorful and complex 107 proof whiskey with complementing spice and floral accents. The Whiskey will be available in early 2021.

“Our newest additions to the Tennessee Tasters’ series represent the creativity and craftsmanship that Mr. Jack began with more than 150 years ago,” said Master Distiller Chris Fletcher. “Our Master Tasters embodied that spirit with these bottles by complementing the character of our classic Tennessee Whiskey with rare woods for the Jamaican Allspice bottle and hand-selected barrels of Tennessee Rye for the Twin Blend. We can’t wait for our friends to try them.”

Each Tennessee Tasters’ Selection release is sold in 375ml bottles at a price of $39.99 and are available exclusively at the Jack Daniel Distillery and select stores across Tennessee. 

Big changes are afoot at Jack Daniel’s, as last month the distillery announced Whiskey maker Chris Fletcher would be taking over as Master Distiller of the iconic Tennessee Whiskey brand. Last week, the distillery unveiled its 2020 Holiday Countdown Calendar.

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