NewsKnob Creek Bourbon Team Up With The Boardsmith To Create A New Take On Grilling Planks

Knob Creek Bourbon Team Up With The Boardsmith To Create A New Take On Grilling Planks


Knob Creek Bourbon has teamed up with The Boardsmith, one of the most admired makers of butcher blocks in the world, to produce Knob Creek Bourbon Barrel Grilling Planks. 

Made from American white oak bourbon barrels previously used to age the brand’s full-flavored whiskey, the premium grilling planks introduce the signature flavors of Knob Creek to the grilling experience, which, of course, creates a perfect culinary pairing to a glass of Knob Creek Bourbon.

Knob Creek grilling planks

Speaking on the new product, 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe said:

“We know fans of Knob Creek Bourbon have an appreciation for things crafted with care, attention to detail and with full flavor in mind, just as we’ve crafted our bourbon for nearly 30 years,”

 “The folks at The Boardsmith share those values, and we are proud to team up with them to give whiskey fans a new way to savor our bourbon and bring their cooking to a new level.”

Each Grilling Plank is made from genuine barrel wood that was first used to patiently age Knob Creek Bourbon. For the better part of a decade, as seasons changed and years went by, our aging whiskey interacted with the inside of the barrel, leaving its flavourful imprint behind. When carefully crafted into a grilling plank by the team at The Boardsmith, the barrel wood can be used to cook fish, meat or vegetables on the grill. The result is a sensory experience, packed with Knob Creek Bourbon’s signature aroma and smoky, yet sweet bourbon notes that accentuate any grill master’s fare.

Owner of The Boardsmith, John Loftis added:

“The Boardsmith brings over a decade of dedication to craftsmanship of premium, handcrafted woodwork built to age with quality and perfection – just like Knob Creek Bourbon,” 

“We’re proud to continue our tradition of excellence alongside the folks at Knob Creek to help elevate the everyday and take your backyard grilling experience to a new level.”

Knob Creek Bourbon Barrel Grilling Planks will be available while supplies last. Head over to The Boardsmith website and order a set of two for just $25 with shipping included. 

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