NewsLa Adelita Tequila Launches Caviar Collection

La Adelita Tequila Launches Caviar Collection


La Adelita Tequila Single Estate Tequila has introduced Adelita Caviar, three carefully curated and sustainably sourced caviar offerings in collaboration with the California Caviar Company. The caviars are the perfect accompaniments to La Adelita’s Blanco, Reposado and Cristalino Tequilas. The exclusive pairings selected in partnership with world-renowned Chef Matt Zubrod (The Little Nell, Aspen) will be available at select retailers nationwide and for online orders starting June 1.

La Adelita Tequila founder Chris Radomski and Chef Matt Zubrod worked tirelessly to choose the fish, terroir, salt and timing that would best elevate La Adelita Single Estate Tequilas. In the end, they opted for the following selections:

La Adelita Tequila Caviar pairing

La Adelita Blanco & White Surgeon

This slate grey pearl with a verdant hue was selected to pair with La Adelita Blanco for its creamy “sea butter” characteristics which marry perfectly with the expression’s pungent aromas of lime-juiced agave leading to spiced vanilla bean on the tongue, with a warming effect that melts into a chocolate coating. Chef Matt Zubrod recommends lobster and avocado salad with hearts of palm to enhance this pairing.

La Adelita Reposado & Siberian Osetra

These jet black, medium-size eggs with full sea flavor and nice pop, pair beautifully with a glass of La Adelita Reposado. Perfumed with dill and just-ripened agave, this expression is semi-sweet yet buffered by salinity; toffee, oak, and walnut. The edgy texture grips and almost tightens the tongue before a bold finish of tobacco and mocha. To truly enjoy the combination, Chef suggests joining with a potato cake and smoked salmon.

La Adelita Cristalino & Kaluga Hybrid

This large firm bead and bronze color packs a full flavor with notable minerality. Consider it a perfect marriage to La Adelita Cristallino’s initial sweetness, sparked by white pepper and nectarine zest. To elevate the combination further, Chef suggests a bite of Wagyu tartare.

A pioneer of the sustainable caviar movement, California Caviar Company has been the gold standard for world renowned chefs including Jacques Pepin and Cat Cora since 2007. Founder Deborah Keane, known for creating unique experiences out of indulging in the crown jewel of canapes is the brainchild behind “the caviar bump,’ named for the way guests at the Academy Awards, Pebble Beach Wine and Food Festival and the James Beard Foundation Gala have all ordered the eggs – by the gram. The pairing for La Adelita Tequila, Adelita Caviar may also be enjoyed as a “bump” served much like the salt that one might lick from the hand before drinking tequila. The pure caviar offers a rewarding and pleasurable saline alternative.

“We are thrilled to introduce La Adelita Caviar with Chef Matt Zubrod and Deborah Keane,” said Radomski. “As the first woman to pioneer the caviar business, Deborah’s leadership embodies the spirit of La Adelita, named after the fearless women who led battalions in the Mexican Revolution and honoring women who demonstrate resilience, strength and perseverance today through the brand’s Adelita Army initiative. It is truly an honor to be collaborating with a brand and a chef that are similarly meticulous about sourcing, production and pairings.”

“Our woman owned, and women run company is proud to be a part of La Adelita’s strong and courageous army.  Chris Radomski’s high standards and processing purity perfectly reflects the expertise we strive for daily at California Caviar Company.  We love pushing culinary boundaries. Pairing caviar with La Adelita’s Single Estate Tequila, bumps ‘The Caviar Life’ to the next level creating an unforgettable, indulgent experience.” 

Adelita Caviar pairings and the “La Adelita Bump” will be previewed in partnership with Chef Matt Zubrod of Little Nell Aspen on Thursday, May 6th at MC Kitchen located in Miami’s Design District and on May 13th at Rothchilds Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA. Adelita Caviar will be available online at the La Adelita Tequila official website, and at fine restaurants, bars, and specialty stores nationwide starting on June 1, 2021.

La Adelita Tequila Launches Caviar Collection

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