NewsLa Dame De Pic London Celebrates International Women’s Day With Cocktail Menu Inspired By Prominent French Women

La Dame De Pic London Celebrates International Women’s Day With Cocktail Menu Inspired By Prominent French Women


Anne-Sophie Pic’s two Michelin-starred restaurant La Dame de Pic London will celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022 with the launch of five new cocktails. The cocktails, created by Anne-Sophie in collaboration with mixologist Thanos Tzanetopoulos, will honor some of the most prominent French women in history: Tonka Madame de Pompadour, Mistinguett, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Madeleine Vionnet, and Edith Piaf.

The Madame de Pompadour (£16) is based on Tonka Madame de Pompadour, the long term mistress of France’s King Louis XV, known for her influence over the King when it came to foreign policy, court patronage, domestic affairs, and culture. Inviting her subjects to afternoon tea at Versailles, Madame de Pompadour was known for her exquisite taste in crockery as much as her selection of teas from around the world. The cocktail will honor her great power and grandiose selection of rare teas with aromatic aged rum, port, genmaicha syrup, and lemon.

The Mistinguett (£18) draws inspiration from the famous singer and actress who was considered “the queen of the Paris night scene.” At the height of her fame, Mistinguett was the highest-paid entertainer in the world, so the sparkling cocktail with gin, extra brut champagne, chamomile liqueur, saffron, and orange bitters will reflect her glamorous appearance and taste for the finer things in life.

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette is the inspiration behind the Colette (£17). Considered by many as the greatest French writer of her time, she was also a feminist, journalist, scriptwriter, dancer, and actor. The delicate and refreshing cocktail will represent her varied and playful nature, featuring vodka, extra brut champagne, and elderflower cordial.

The Madeleine Vionnet (£16) is dedicated to Vionnet, one of the most influential designers of her time, famous for pioneering the revolutionary bias-cut dress, which changed the shape of women’s fashion forever. This floral and citrusy cocktail will be to the point, without any unnecessary flamboyance, just like her dresses; a sweet and sour, crisp cocktail with calvados, dry curacao, lemon, violet, and sugar.

The final cocktail is based on French singer Edith Piaf (£18), known as the voice behind iconic song Non, je ne regrette rien. A robust drink, representative of the tremendous voice that surged from her petite body, it is rich and intense, featuring aged gin, campari, umeshu, and plum.

“It is important to celebrate pioneering women every day of the year, but International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on those that have really made a difference.  These five iconic women in French history have inspired so many women through times that it seemed natural to celebrate them in a way I think they would approve of – delicious cocktails!” says Anne-Sophie Pic.

La Dame de Pic London is located at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square. To make reservations, head over to the restaurant’s official website.

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