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La Gintonería Donostiarra


Located just off the beaten path in San Sebastian’s young and trendy Gros neighborhood, La Gintoneria Donostiarra serves intimately crafted versions of its namesake cocktail alongside a variety of other mixed drinks. Bartenders tend to their creations with care and concentrate on every detail of the cocktail crafting procedure. Their attention speaks to the bar’s Basque ethos and appreciation of process.

Twelve specialty Gin & Tonics are available on the menu and come in varieties named after their flavor profile or country of origin. The Herbal is made with Gallacian Gin Mare and comes mixed with juniper, oliver, romero, and Boston Bitter. The Islay, meanwhile, comes with The Botanist and is stirred with juniper and Islay Malt Whisky. On the non-G&T side of the menu, imbibers can enjoy classic cocktails from a variety of traditions, including vintage tiki concoctions like the Lupa Lupa (Rum “Santisima” Trinidad, passion fruit, orange, lemon, and cinnamon), which comes all lit up in fiery glory.

La Gintonería Donostiarra - Japanese Gin and Tonic

Their devotion to craft carries from idea to execution to presentation, and each step provides a feast for the senses. Those looking to enjoy the entire process should steer towards the Japanese Gin & Tonic. Prepared with juniper, cardamom, Sake, and green ginger tea, each herb is placed with a pair of tongs and the glass is filled with smoke that comes streaming out of a teapot and into the glass.

Open Wednesday through Sunday, the bar sits on a corner, half a block off a busy street. Wood and large windows provide a warm and open environment, while a large front terrace creates a conversation-friendly cafe area. The laid back and open setting speaks to the bar’s desire to allow visitors to concentrate on conversation and appreciate the concoctions placed in front of them. La Gintoneria Donostiarra’s approach to cocktail creation and attention to craft make it one of San Sebastian’s finest imbibing experiences.

Find It Here:
Zabaleta Kalea, 6 
20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa

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