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Lilly Rose at the Wayfarer


When Wayfarer joined the barrage of hotels popping up in Downtown Los Angeles, no one was sure exactly how it would stand out. But standout it has done, and in some ways that’s thanks to its vibey basement bar Lilly Rose. The bar’s cocktail menu pushes the boundaries, both ingredients and sheer length, and also offers some of the best non-alcoholic gin cocktails in America. Some nights also bring live music.

Lilly Rose at the Wayfarer bar
Lilly Rose at the Wayfarer bar


What’s the crowd like?
Trendy. Located at the far corner of DTLA’s blossoming South Park district, the Wayfarer offers trendy accommodations, which lead to similar patrons for its weird and wild bar that likes to lean on Alice in Wonderland vibes.

What am I drinking?
Cocktails. The Lilly Rose cocktail menu is massive and has something for everyone, including alcohol-free options, which makes the ride down the rabbit hole fun for all.

Is there anything to eat?
Nope. But the hotel has other restaurants and downtown isn’t short of dining destinations, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a proper place to dig in before or after some cocktails.

When should I get here?
Downtown is best at night when the unexpected sparkles, it also pairs well with live music, which happens on Thursdays and Fridays.

Why am I here?
To be part of the trendy set in that weird LA hotel bar sort of way where you’re not really sure if anyone there is actually from out of town. Also, maybe, for some live music.

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