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Lono is too good of a bar to be on Hollywood Boulevard. While there are plenty of watering holes located along the famous strip that’s lined with theaters and concrete pentagonal monuments to screen stars, the boulevard is more geared towards serving large swaths of tourists, not top-of-the-line tiki cocktails. But that’s just what Lono has done from its location one block from the famed Musso & Frank Grill.

Lono cocktail

Lono comes from the same people behind the Melrose Umbrella Company, and, much like their sister bar, they serve excellent cocktails along with delicious grub. At Lono, the drinks are all tiki themed and take care in presenting beverage that comes from tiki culture’s massive cannon. From Navy Grog and Mai Tais to a Samoan Fog Cutter, the beverages available will be familiar to the initiated, and all are delivered with impressive precision and spectacle. There are also a variety of shareable bowls that are perfect for large groups.

From the moment visitors enter the bar and eatery, they are transported away from the throngs of tourists and street performers outside and find themselves in the warm embrace of the islands of the Pacific. Palms and wood carvings fill the space and South Pacific-styled lamps hang from the ceiling. The light is low and yellow with soft reds and lush greens providing accents.

Chicken and seafood fill the food side of the menu as well as a few noodle dishes. Aloha Hour brings three appetizers for $10 and a late night menu means that after a long night out in Hollywood, it’s a great place to stop to grease up the stomach and maybe one more drink.

Excellent tiki drinks and a warm atmosphere make Lono an ideal stop for those looking to escape the usual tourist traps that fill Hollywood Boulevard.

lono interior

Find It Here:
6611 Hollywood Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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