CocktailsMadame George Made A Low-ABV Manhattan Out Of A NYC Street Cart Icon

Madame George Made A Low-ABV Manhattan Out Of A NYC Street Cart Icon


Subterranean bars and food carts. If that’s how you do New York, you do it right. We opt for that over the views at Le Bain any day. The team over at Madame George–the underground cocktail lounge from the folks at Valerie–manages to put the two Big Apple staples together with their Manhattan variation known as Nuts 4 Nuts.

Unfamiliar with the iconic New York street cart of the same name? Nuts4Nuts has been around the city since 1993 and actually came by way of Argentina, where it started selling honey-roasted nuts back in ‘89. Now there are over 100 carts located across all five boroughs.

The cocktail is a somewhat low-ABV version of the classic pour that switches the whiskey for Shochu, but doesn’t let things drop too low thanks to the use of China China.

Everything you need to know about Nuts 4 Nuts below:

Madame George

Marshall Minaya, Beverage Director

Cocktail Name:
Nuts 4 Nuts

Type of cocktail:
Manhattan variation

What make it unique:
A Manhattan variation with a dose of NY street cart cred. Found at Midtown’s newest intimate subterranean cocktail lounge, Madame George, this innovative cocktail incorporates a handmade nut butter made from real NYC street cart peanuts. A true “Manhattan” spin the classic on the classic Manhattan.

Ingredients and measurements:

Build in Glass – Add all ingredients to a chilled double rocks glass, slowly lower big rock into glass and stir to proper dilution. *Peanut Allergy*

Chilled Double Rocks (2” Cube)

Lime Twist & Grated Roasted Nut

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