Opened in 2014 in a former betting parlor, Martin serves up delicious small plates alongside natural wines and elegantly simple cocktails. Fashioned in wood and featuring a large covered patio, this bar and eatery feels like its been in Le Marais forever. The prices are accessible and the atmosphere is decidedly laid back. Happy customers jabber away at small tables, helping to give it a local vibe.

Simple meat-forward dishes fill the chalkboard menu that sits at the entrance. Plates change often but are comprised of generally straightforward offerings like lamb liver or something filled with rural cheese. While the menu remains decidedly carnivore oriented, there is usually a dish or two of vegetables that should please vegetarians in the crowd–or anyone looking for something a bit more healthy.

The atmosphere is festive and the space airy, especially by Paris standards. Martin has managed to keep most of its old school feel, and used the past several years to open up the space. It has one of the largest covered terraces in the area and you feel like you truly have space to chat openly.

When it comes to drinks, it seems like there are options for everyone. Beers are available in cheap or craft varieties, natural and conventional wines are both served, and the straightforward cocktail menu comes replete with a dozen variations of Gin & Tonics.

Martin feels like its been in Le Marais for decades. Over the past few years, the surrounding district has blossomed into one of Paris’s most fashionable, and the bar acts as one of its best meeting points. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere jovial and laid back, and the food is hard to beat. Throw in a couple of specialty Gin & Tonics, and you’ll be feeling right at home.

Find It Here:
24 Boulevard du Temple
75011 Paris, France

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