NewsMezzacorona Introduces Low-Calorie, Low-ABV Wine Range, Ventessa

Mezzacorona Introduces Low-Calorie, Low-ABV Wine Range, Ventessa


Mezzacorona has introduced a new low-calorie, low-alcohol wine range, Ventessa. The line launches with two two expressions: Ventessa Pinot Grigio and Ventessa Pinot Grigio Rosé. Each expression is only 90 calories per 5 oz. serving and gluten-free with no additives or additional sugars.

“Consumer drinking patterns show that the lo-/no-alcohol category is here to stay. Wine drinkers are in search of less alcohol in their beverages without sacrificing flavor,” said Barbara Dara, Global Marketing Manager for Gruppo Mezzacorona. “Ventessa by Mezzacorona answers the desire for consumers to feel better about their wine-buying habits while enjoying a masterfully crafted Italian wine. Pinot Grigio found its ideal home in Trentino, and we are excited to bring these expressions to those searching for a phenomenal low-calorie, low-alcohol wine option to shelves across the country.”

Each expression is 100% Pinot Grigio and produced without chemical alteration. The Ventessa Pinot Grigio boasts a youthful aromatic profile of flowers and fruit, ranging from lily of the valley and broom flowers to melon and white peach. The Ventessa Pinot Grigio Rose reveals a very fresh and elegant aromatic profile characterized by aromas of red and citrus fruits, such as pink grapefruit and delicate floral notes.

The Pinot Grigio used to create Ventessa is grown along the Adige Valley in areas which are facing North, characterized by loose, loamy soils with slow accumulation of sugars. The grapes are immediately crushed and undergo a very short, cold maceration in the press. After being softly pressed, the go through an eight-day fermentation process. The wines are kept on the yeast in steel tanks.

The Ventessa by Mezzacorona wines are available now at wine retailers in selected markets for the price of $12.99 per 750ml bottle. 

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

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