BottlesIsrael’s M&H Distillery Launches Art&Craft Whiskey Series With Six Single Malts Matured In Ex-Beer Casks

Israel’s M&H Distillery Launches Art&Craft Whiskey Series With Six Single Malts Matured In Ex-Beer Casks


Israel’s M&H Distillery has launched its new limited-edition whisky series, Art&Craft, with six single malts aged in ex-beer casks. The first collection features DoppelBock Beer Cask, Barley Wine Cask, Stout Beer Cask, Belgian Ale Beer Cask, Chocolate Porter Beer Cask, and EX-Islay IPA cask. 

Matured in the unique Mediterranean climate at the Tel Aviv-based distillery and crafted by Head Distiller Tomer Goren, the M&H Art&Craft series showcases the brand’s ongoing research with unusual casks and Israel’s rich terroir. The first release to reach the US will be the DoppelBock Beer Cask.

DoppelBock Beer Cask is a single malt whisky that has been entirely aged in former barrels of Ha’aretz Brewery, an acclaimed Israeli brewery located at the edge of the Negev Desert. These casks, which were initially ex-bourbon casks given to Ha’haretz by M&H, were then used as the vessel to mature a special DoppelBock (double-bock) beer with a sweet scent and a palate rich in chocolate and toasted malt characteristics. The beer was extracted after four-six months, and the casks were returned to M&H, re-filled, and aged to perfection for three years. One of the casks in the edition spent a full year maturing in the M&H Dead Sea Project, elevating its flavor to new heights.

“As a Tel Aviv-based craft distillery, we are constantly thinking about how we can bring new bold and unique concepts to the table; our philosophy is to think outside the box,” said Goren. “Four years ago, we approached six different local breweries, and together with the brewmaster at each brewery, we selected beers to mature in our whisky casks. Each beer has a distinct scent and flavor, and each limited edition of whisky aged in various ex-beer casks is one-of-a-kind. The second Art&Craft collection, will focus on chosen dessert wine casks and, will be released later this year. 

The retail price for the M&H DoppelBock Beer Cask is $120. For more information on M&H Distillery, head over to the brand’s official website.

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