NewsMocel Unveils Inaugural Batch Of Michoacán Mezcal

Mocel Unveils Inaugural Batch Of Michoacán Mezcal


Mocel has unveiled its first batch of ultra-premium artisanal mezcal. Co-founded by Rosalinda and Elizabeth Mendoza, the brand is inspired by the mountainous region of Michoacán, Mexico, where the Mendoza family comes from, and the region’s centuries-old mezcal artisanship and culture.

“Our parents were farm workers in Washington’s Yakima Valley who immigrated from Michoacán, Mexico. Our family taught us early on the value and labor in cultivating real food and drinks,” says Rosalinda.

“Today who is drinking and how they are drinking are changing,” adds Elizabeth. “Consumers seek connection with the products they consume. We want to forge a mezcal culture in the United States that honors our history, the 400 years of mezcal artisanship, and the power of a shared experience to bring people together.”

Mocel uses two ingredients – 100% agave and water – and distills the mezcal in a wooden still unique to the Michoacán region. The distillation process is time-honored and time-intensive, resulting in limited, small batches, each with a distinct flavor profile. Mocel’s artisanal mezcales are then bottled in handmade ceramic bottles featuring artwork inspired by textile patterns native to Michoacán. The Mendoza sisters are part of a Michoacán co-op distillery of mezcal producers and agave farmers.

“Just like our mezcal, each ceramic bottle is crafted by Mexican artisans to be beautifully distinct,” says Rosalinda.

Mocel offers two distinctive sipping mezcales:

  • Cupreata 2020 Expression
    Made with Michoacan’s distinctive Cupreata (locally known as Chino), it is a balanced expression with a delicate herbaceous profile.
  • Ensamble 2020 Expression
    A blend of three regional agaves, Cupreata, Inaequidens and SP (Espadincillo), ranging between 8 to 15 years to maturity prior to distillation, this Ensamble evokes bright floral and sweet notes.

The Cupreata 2020 Expression is priced at $200, while Ensamble 2020 Expression costs $235. Bottles can be ordered through Mocel’s official website.

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