NewsMondavi Sisters Accepting Cryptocurrency For Aloft And Dark Matter Wines

Mondavi Sisters Accepting Cryptocurrency For Aloft And Dark Matter Wines


The Mondavi Sisters (Angelina, Alycia, Riana, and Giovanna), 4th generation of the famed Peter Mondavi Sr Family, have announced they will be accepting cryptocurrency in the sale of their high-end Napa Valley wines, Aloft and Dark Matter. The move makes the four sisters the only winery in the Northern Hemisphere to offer members the ability to exchange cryptocurrency for their wines.

A limited allocation of each wine will be available through the Dark Matter website and Aloft website. Only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will be accepted, with Dogecoin (DOGE) coming soon.

“Since the Pandemic, my sisters and I have had to react, pivot, and adapt in many ways. What initially started as a family dinner conversation talking food and wine, quickly turned to offering wine for crypto,” said Alycia Mondavi, CEO and Co-Proprietor of Mondavi Sisters’ Collection. “Having figured out the regulatory and technological challenges, we are very excited to be leading the way in such a competitive industry.”

Giovanna Mondavi, Co-Proprietor and Brand Ambassador, added, “Innovation has always been a key element of our family’s involvement in the wine industry – this is just the next step to expand our 100% female-owned and operated company to a global audience while diversifying beyond the US Dollar. More importantly, over 100 years of family experience in the wine industry, provides an opportunity to preserve the past, live in the present, and lead for the future –  and that is exactly what we are doing, without hesitation.”

To execute this, Alycia, also an amateur cryptocurrency investor, consulted with one of their long-time collectors and friend, Jon Geenty, a Data Scientist @ Coin Metrics. With his expertise, the launch of this new payment method was made possible for the Mondavi Sisters to lead the way in Crypto and Wine.
In order to purchase wine from either Mondavi Sisters line, you must join their respective wine clubs.

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