NewsMortlach Partners With Joe Doucet And Sabine Marcelis On Bespoke Pieces For NYCxDesign

Mortlach Partners With Joe Doucet And Sabine Marcelis On Bespoke Pieces For NYCxDesign


Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky is partnering with the American industrial designer Joe Doucet and the Netherlands-based designer Sabine Marcelis to release two new bespoke products during NYCxDesign in May. Tropos, a bold and reflective chair, and SHIFT, a delicate yet structural glass bar cart, embody the complexity and individuality of the Single Malt Scotch that inspired them. The pieces will be unveiled during NYCxDesign in an exciting and immersive installation in collaboration with SIZED.

Tropos, by Joe Doucet, was inspired by “The Way,” the secret distillation process exclusive to Mortlach that has been passed down by distillers for generations. The resulting liquid produced by distillation in six distinct stills – an essential element of “The Way” – was the driving force behind Doucet’s creative process, from the design’s conception to its name, Tropos, which translates to ‘The Way’ in Greek.

“My aim was to design an immersive space where one could fully engage in the complexity and depth of Mortlach Whisky as they sat,” Doucet explained. To achieve this, he played with the archetype of a classic wingback chair which envelops the sitter and is meant to block out external sight and sounds. In that spirit, the reflective interior of the chair creates an infinite mirror, further engrossing the sitter in the mystery that defines Mortlach.

SHIFT, by renowned Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, is simultaneously mysterious and accessible, inspired by the enigmatic nature of Mortlach. The bar cart is incredibly dynamic; the rich brown and honey hues of the glass are dually translucent and opaque,  imitating the tint and transparency of Mortlach liquid. The object itself is both sculptural in its composition and functional in its use. The two intertwined volumes create an intricate and modern feel, allowing people to play with the positioning of their Mortlach bottles and barware. “Similar to how Mortlach reveals its layered flavors upon tasting, the bar cart reveals its dynamic layers when explored and used to serve,” Marcelis explains. The top piece of the bar cart is loose, so anyone can choose to use it as a tray, leave it on top to serve glassware, or remove it for external presentation. The bar cart is mobile, with wheels giving it the flexibility to move with the user. “The mobility and versatility of SHIFT is a reflection of the journey one takes while sipping Mortlach.”

“Both Joe and Sabine’s designs embody the boldness and intricacies that are central to Mortlach,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior VP of Whiskies for North America at Diageo. “Each piece is a perfect counterpart to the spirit, with deep complexities that engage people as they interact with both the products and Mortlach itself.”

Founded by an engineer and a doctor, Mortlach is deeply rooted in thoughtful craftsmanship. Mortlach by Design celebrates this design-forward process by partnering with some of the world’s best designers and rising creatives on one-of-a-kind products that will culminate in an extraordinary whisky experience. For NYCxDesign and Frieze NY, Mortlach by Design is partnering with SIZED on their first exhibition in New York, Industrialism, curated by Creative Director Alexander May.

Mortlach by Design Lounge at SIZED is located at 711 Greenwich St. in New York’s West Village. It will be open daily from 11am to 6pm from May 19-28th.

For more information or to purchase a bottle, visit the brand’s official website.

In February, Mortlach partnered with world-renowned designer Luca Nichetto to create SEI, a bespoke whisky decanter.

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