BottlesEmerald Isle Becomes Most Expensive Whiskey, Sells For $2.8 Million

Emerald Isle Becomes Most Expensive Whiskey, Sells For $2.8 Million


There’s a new most-expensive whiskey (or whisky). The Craft Irish Whiskey Co sold a bottle of The Emerald Isle, a rare triple-distilled Irish single malt, to American collector Mike Daley for $2.8 million. 

The previous holder of the world’s most expensive whiskey title was a bottle of The Macallan 1926, which fetched $2.7m at auction last November. Now, The Emerald Isle has taken that title, which some are calling a somewhat “surprising” move due to Scotch’s dominance of the whiskey scene. However, the Craft Irish Whiskey Co has held similar titles recently, such as “most expensive whiskey collectors’ set,” which it grabbed in March 2021 for the “The Emerald Isle Collection,” created in partnership with Fabergé.

Still, collector Daley believes the land of saints and scholars is set to dominate the future record-setting whiskey scene: “Irish is the future of whiskey. I’m excited to be part of it, as a collector, but most importantly as a drinker.”

Mike Daley and The Emerald Isle, the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold
Mike Daley

Daley is one of the US’ most prolific collectors of the spirit, with a vast collection consisting of several thousand bottles of Irish, American, and Scotch whiskeys/whiskies. His latest record-breaking purchase is one of only seven sets in existence; a liquid which three decades of maturation in a variety of casks. The Emerald Isle’s walnut case includes a single decanter, alongside a bespoke Fabergé egg — containing an actual emerald gem — a custom timepiece, and a pair of Cohiba cigars.

“The rebirth of Irish whiskey is relatively new, so I feel like I’m getting in on the ground floor,” commented Daley. “Luxury scotch, to me, is already a crowded type of market. But we’re only just starting to see luxury Irish make a name for itself. I guarantee you that in the years to come, it will get to where scotch is today.”

Jay Bradley, founder and CEO of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. said: “A bottle of The Emerald Isle becoming the most expensive whiskey or whisky ever sold is a monumental achievement for my business, and an incredibly proud moment for me. I started The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. with the goal of making Irish whiskey the most coveted luxury spirit and restoring Ireland’s reputation for crafting the finest whiskeys in the world, this brings us several steps closer to achieving that, and we’re only six years into the journey. There’s a lot more to come from us, and I’m excited for our customers and competitors to see what we have in store.”

For further information on The Craft Irish Whiskey Co, head over to the brand’s official website.

Previous releases from the company include a triple-distilled single malt dubbed The Taoscán and a double-distilled single malt named The Brollach.

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