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Billed as “The Spirit of L.A.” and considered a “Contemporary” or “Western Gin”, Mulholland Gin uses 100% non-GMO corn from Missouri. The raw spirits head west to Mulholland Distilling’s bottling facility in Downey, California, where they blend their proprietary recipe. They use traditional flavors,  juniper, coriander, angelica, and add exotic aromatics such as French lavender, Japanese cucumber and Persian lime. The difference in Mulholland Gin is its blend of New World and Old World flavors, which makes it more akin to the London Dry style most are used to. Therefore, it is more approachable.

At 96 proof, this gluten-free Gin brims with a bright cucumber and juniper bouquet and definitely has a little bit of fire. There are also red berries, lime, and mint apparent across the nose. There’s a burst of lime on the lips that mixes with floral lavender notes. The traditional taste of juniper rolls across the plate before citrus and vanilla coat the tongue.

It is an ideal Gin for someone looking to try something new, without completely changing lanes from the classic, juniper-tinged alcoholic beverage they love, and a great addition to the blossoming California Gin scene. It’s mix of Old and New World styles lends itself well to a variety of cocktails, including Negonis, Aviations, and Gin & Tonics. If you’re looking to give Mulholland Gin a try in a cocktail give one of the drinks below a try.

Mulholland Distilling was founded by Matthew Alper and partner Walton Goggins. Their “mission is to create artisanal spirits that reflect and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Los Angeles.” Along with their 96 proof New World Gin, the brand also makes a 100 proof American Whiskey as well as a 86 proof gluten-free Corn Vodka.



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