NewsMuVin, Italy’s Largest Wine Museum, Is Opening In Verona 

MuVin, Italy’s Largest Wine Museum, Is Opening In Verona 


Italy’s largest wine museum, MuVin, is being built in Verona.  “It will be the largest wine museum in Italy and will also have an international appeal,” said Enrico Corsi, the driving force behind the project.

The Museo del Vino (MuVin) was announced at Vinitaly back in May, with Corsi citing visits to the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and Bordeaux’s La Cité du Vin as the inspiration. “I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, years ago, and there I had the opportunity to visit the popular Scotch Whisky Experience,”  explained Corsi. “I wondered why something similar could not be done with wine in Italy. I realized that we did not have anything comparable in our country, apart from a bunch of smaller private initiatives.”

Covering 215,000 square feet and featuring wine tastings, educational activities and a 62,000 square ft “experiential path” that will take visitors on a journey through the history of wine, its cultural impact, production methods, and how to pair it with food, the MuVin complex is set to be one-of-a-kind experience. And it should be considering it will cost €50 million. Corsi hopes it will tap into the influx of tourists who flock to the region each year.

“Clearly the museum will rely on the huge number of people who already visit the area, including some 32 million tourists who go to Lake Garda every year, as well as 3.8 million who visit Verona, plus everything else happening in the region,” he said. “Needless to say, Verona’s numerous exhibitions will benefit us with additional visitors too. This will be Italy’s largest museum dedicated to wine, it will be the country’s main hub for enotourism and will also have an international scope.”

The MuVin is set for completion in 2026, when Italy will host the Milano Cortina Winter Olympics in the region.

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