BottlesOld Forester Just Released A Double-Barreled Extra Extra Old Bourbon

Old Forester Just Released A Double-Barreled Extra Extra Old Bourbon


Old Forester just unveiled the latest bourbon in its 117 Series, Old Forester Extra Extra Old. The new bottling is the fifth whiskey in the limited-edition series, which also includes High Angels’ Share, Warehouse K, 1910 Extra Old, and Whiskey Row Fire.

To create Old Forester Extra Extra Old, the distillery took its famed 1910 expression and aged it in a second heavily charred barrel for 24 months. The additional aging gave the double-barreled bourbon pronounced sweet and spice notes.

“This expression was born from a creative and innovative experiment while staying true to the classic taste which sets Old Forester apart,” said Master Taster Melissa Rift.  “Although I only joined Old Forester last month, this was one of the first new limited expressions I was honored to taste – and the extra long double barreling leads to an explosion of flavors.”

On the nose, the whiskey offers roasted coffee, rich maple syrup, dark chocolate and caramel notes, alongside hints of toasted coconut and fruit, and a smokey char foundation. The palate finds rich mocha coffee with hints of brandy and dark cherry fruit. The finish features smooth, creamy chocolate coffee notes.

Old Forester 1910 commemorates the October 22, 1910 distillery fire at 117 Main Street. A batch of mature whisky ready to be bottled was instead re-barreled in new barrels for removal due to the fire damage.  What emerged was a full-bodied whisky that became an entirely new expression – Old Fine Whisky.

Bottled at 93 proof, Old Forester Extra Extra Old will be released in very limited quantities for purchase at the Old Forester Distillery and the brand’s online store.  It will also be available at select Kentucky retailers.

For more information, head over to Old Forester’s official website.

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