NewsParis’ Little Red Door Debuts 2022 Cocktail Menu, Flourish

Paris’ Little Red Door Debuts 2022 Cocktail Menu, Flourish


The cocktail menus from Paris’ Little Red Door always carry with them a bit of philosophy and thought that make them a touch more contemplative than some of the world’s other top bars. This year’s list, known as Flourish, is no different.

Little Red Door Florish Menu - Raspberry

The Little Red Door Flourish cocktail menu uses directly sourced produce at the core of each cocktail. Exploring a farm to glass model, all 10 cocktails on the Marias-based bar’s list center around one item of produce: citrus, carrot, raspberry, chamomile, saffron, nyons olives, rice, alsacien hops, grenoble walnuts, rhubarb, and camargue rice.

Raspberry is made using LRD raspberry vermouth, Tanqueray 10, H. Theoria Electric Velvet Liqueur and syrup; Saffron is created using Johnny Walker Black, Baldoria Orange Wine Vermouth, Chouchen and LRD saffron tincture; Citrus is put together with LRD citrus liqueur, gooseberry sake, Tanqueray 10 and verjus; while Olive is made using LRD olive spirit, Tanqueray, broad bean cordial and soda.

Flourish is a “natural evolution of the bar’s 2021 pioneering Grounded approach,” says the bar. “Through Flourish, Little Red Door continues to compassionately place the producer, produce and product journey at the center of their guest experience, transforming directly sourced produce into liquid products that form the core of each cocktail. Flourish is a presentation of an overarching concept that has become principal to Little Red Door’s personality and ethos.”

The bar’s previous menu, Grounded, was nominated for the World’s Best Cocktail Menu.

For more information, head over to Little Red Door’s official website.

Last week, Little Red Door took over London’s Eve Bar for one night.

Little Red Door Florish Menu - Rice

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