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Pavilhão Chinês


At first glance, Pavilhão Chinês (Chinese Pavilion) looks like a museum. Glass encased cabinets are filled with toys, war memorabilia, and other nostalgic oddities that date back to the first World War. The Bairro Alto-located space originally opened in 1901 as a Grocery Store and became known as a favorite meeting place for spies during World War 2. Owner Luis Pinto Coelho reopened it as an antique shop in 1986, and turned into a bar just one year later.

Pavilhão Chinês Angel Face

Outside of the century worth of collectables that cover the shelves, visitors will find a bar filled with class and character. Pavilhão Chinês is made up of five distinct rooms, all carrying a classic sense of taste–one of the chambers contains a billiards table and still allows smoking. Dark wood and deep red carpet pervade every room, showing the thoughtful nature instilled throughout the space.

365 cocktails fill a menu that is a piece of art on its own–and is purchasable. All the drinks are thoughtfully made and visitors should make sure to give themselves time to sit, chat, and sip while taking in their surroundings. If you’re looking for something strong and pleasurable, try the Angel Face (Calvados, apricot, and Gin). There is also a section of non-alcoholic cocktails available, making it an ideal spot for imbibers and non-imbibers alike. The bar provides potato chips and nuts along with the beverages.

Pavilhão Chinês’ museum-like interior, wide range of drinks, and classic sense of taste, make it one of the most unique bars in Lisbon, or anywhere else for that matter. The drinks are strong and the space intriguing. It is an ideal place to start your evening before heading out into the wilds of Bairro Alto, while also being and excellent place to post up for a night of catch up around smoke and some billiards. 

Find It Here:
R. Dom Pedro V 89
1250-093 Lisboa, Portugal

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