NewsPierre Yovanovitch Designs Rosé Bottle For Commanderie De Peyrassol

Pierre Yovanovitch Designs Rosé Bottle For Commanderie De Peyrassol


French designer Pierre Yovanovitch has created a new rosé wine bottle for Commanderie de Peyrassol. The new vessel houses La Bastide Peyrassol Côtes de Provence 2020.

Commanderie de Peyrassol was founded by the Knights Templar in the 13th century and served as a resting place for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land during the Middle Ages. A bastide, or small town square, from that period still remains on the vineyard grounds and the tower at its centre was the central inspiration of Yovanovitch’s design.

Pierre Yovanovitch Designs Rosé Bottle For Commanderie De Peyrassol bottle

“The bottle’s elegant curves and conical top echo the shape of the tower, while the burnt-orange colour of its capsule is inspired by the structure’s glazed tiles,’ reports Wallpaper*. Embossed into the glass of the bottle is the cross of the Knights Templar, under which is an asymmetrical label that “recalls the playful shapes of Yovanovitch’s interior designs.”

“The bottle design reflects the architecture of the Commanderie de Peyrassol estate and serves as a homage to the natural tones and colors of the South of France,” says Nice native Yovanovitch. “Light and airy both in aesthetic and taste, this rosé emulates its origins, and my own hometown, of Provence.”

The wine itself has been harvested according to Commanderie de Peyrassol’s study of the impact different lunar phases have on the vineyard. Made of 60% grenache and 40% cinsault, the winery based what grapes would be harvested off of successive maturity checks, lunar cycle data, and knowledge of the effects of late-stage maturation on the flavors of the fruit.

On the nose, the wine is very open, typical of the unrestrained expression of the 2020 vintage: fresh and light flowers, delicate and gourmet fruits, compose a whole with a typically Provençal air character. On the palate, the sweetness is present from the attack, the velvety profile immediately envelops the palate and continues with a delicate finish. The nose supports the whole with notes of fresh fruit typical of the grape varieties. The blend is maintained in the mouth with a nice salinity, thirst-quenching and a very smooth finish.

The wine is priced at €15.

For more information, head over to Peyrassol’s official website.

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