BottlesPlume Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac

Plume Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac


It’s rare for a Cognac to come from a single estate, but that’s just one of the reasons that makes Plume Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac. This Cognac is the “quintessence of the Cellar Masters’ expertise on which the company’s reputation rests,” says the distillery. And for everyone, that’s a great thing

A beautiful burnt orange in color, its nose features a powerful and complex bouquet. Fruity notes of dried apricot, fig, orange, liquorice and tobacco mix with cigar box aromas that appear with time in the glass, according to the distillery. The Palate offers woody notes, prunes and candied fruits. The ‘Rancio’ flavour is well developed and the finish is long. This is a brandy you should certainly let breathe before enjoying.

Everything about this Cognac is unique, down to the bottle, which is decorated with an 18-carat rose gold stopper and feathers. According to Frapin, “Terroir, artful blending, patience and respect for nature make Plume Frapin an exceptional blend produced in a limited series of 500 numbered bottles.”

Plume Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac is truly a special tipple and that’s reflected in it’s high price tag of $3,300.


As of 2020, Frapin is going through quite the renaissance. In June 2020, Cognac Frapin Millésime 1992 was named the best Cognac in the world at the Cognac Masters 2020. The French Brandy was awarded the title of Cognac Taste Master during the annual event, which took place at the Charlotte Street branch of Gaucho in London, England.

Other expressions of this exceptional Cognac include Frapin’s 1270, VSOP, XO-VIP, and Extra.

Also, tours are now flowing at the new interactive Frapin Museum, where the Cognac brand hopes to give its fans the opportunity to explore the history of the house as well as a chance to taste a few of their delicious brandies.

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