NewsRoger Federer Takes His Talents To Epernay For Look Inside Moët & Chandon

Roger Federer Takes His Talents To Epernay For Look Inside Moët & Chandon


While Roger Federer might not be at the US Open this year, he’s still managing to make waves in the tennis universe as the Swiss Maestro has teamed up with Moët & Chandon for a new video series, “Through the Eyes of …” 

“Through the Eyes of …”  will feature five video shorts starring Federer and will be released across Moët & Chandon’s social media channels. The first season follows Federer as he descends into the cellars with chef de cave Benoît Gouez and talks about the history behind the grande marque’s signature Imperial bottling and sustainable viticulture, while checking out some of the oldest vintages in the cellar.

“This journey behind the scenes was one of the most authentic moments I have ever experienced in Champagne, because I sensed the true passion of the people of Moët & Chandon,” Federer said in a statement. “And that alone will make my next toast even more memorable.”

Filmed by French photographer, film director and Academy Award nominee Eric Valli, who specializes in nature photography, the entire series was filmed on location in Epernay.

“The estate of Moët & Chandon was especially seductive to the camera and every detail, from the vineyards to the cellars,” said Valli. “[It] allowed me to capture the beauty of the region and the devotion of Moët & Chandon’s community to the art of Champagne making.”

For more information, head over to the Champagne house’s official website.

In July, Moët & Chandon has unveiled its Grand Vintage 2013, along with its Grand Vintage Rosé 2013. The new bottlings bring the taste of autumn as 2013’s cold conditions led to a late harvest.

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