NewsRon Zacapa Debuts 23 La Doma, First In Heavenly Cask Series

Ron Zacapa Debuts 23 La Doma, First In Heavenly Cask Series


Ron Zacapa has launched its new Heavenly Cask series with Zacapa 23 La Doma, The Taming Cask. The new, limited-edition rum is the first of four that will be included in the collection.

The Ron Zacapa Heavenly Cask series will release a new rum every four years. The four bottlings are designed to highlight parts of the maturation process of the Zacapa 23 expression.

Zacapa 23 was created using the Guatemalan brand’s “sistema solera” ageing process and contains rums aged between six and 24 years that have been matured in four casks during their time in barrels – two former American whiskey casks (one of which has been charred), an ex-Sherry cask and then a cask previously used to hold Pedro Ximenez wines. Zacapa 23 La Doma has experienced additional ageing in ex-American whiskey casks.

The ex-American whiskey casks were used to “tame” and “give shape” to the unaged spirit immediately after distillation, before the second charred cask added more character to the spirit. The ex-Sherry cask brought ‘new aromas’, before the fourth and final cask, ex-Pedro Ximénez, added ‘sweetness’ to the liquid.

Zacapa 23 La Doma, The Taming Cask offers notes of fresh and honeyed sugarcane, as well as flavors of pineapple and banana.

“Zacapa La Doma is all about our ‘taming cask’ – the raw Zacapa spirit is forged from the finest fermented virgin sugar cane honey resting in ex-American whisky casks,” said master blender Lorena Vásquez. “This extracts the most extraordinary flavours and aromas that the cask has to offer, creating a rum with a rich and fruity palate with hints of vanilla.

“The perfect way to enjoy Zacapa La Doma is neat, or over a large ice cube and garnished with fresh or flambéed pineapple or a slice of flambéed banana. I also recommend complementing the serve with a sweet pairing of either walnut or pineapple tart.”

Bottled at 40% ABV, Zacapa 23 La Doma, The Taming Cask is currently available in select markets and priced at £75 (€80 / $105USD). For more information on where to purchase the rum, head over to Zacapa’s official website.

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