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Rudolph’s Bar & Tea


On the bottom floor of the Freehand Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, and just an elevator ride from rooftop hot spot Broken Shaker, Rudolph’s Bar & Tea offers lavish cocktails that taste as good as they look. While the rooftop may be known for its hedonistic values and Caribbean influenced sips, RBT takes the art of cocktail plating to new heights, all while infusing each offering with tea. It’s the kind of place the Queen would sip gin in a blue and white porcelain cup with little biscuits on the side. 

The menu is loaded with a variety of cheese and charcuterie options as well as a hanger steak and a burger from the Exchange restaurant, whose entrance sits at the end of the bar. There are also a variety of small nibbles to be enjoyed while taking in the bar’s truly remarkable drinks.

Rudolph’s Bar & Tea is focused on on their “Special Tea Cocktails”, and the offerings are truly a sight to behold. The Tea n’ Biscuits is served in a blue and white porcelain cup, and is made with rooibos infused Plymouth Gin, Grand Marnier, Carpano Antica Formula, house bitters, and is accompanied By two meyer lemon cookies.  The Big in Japan meanwhile is a delightful marriage between Spanish and Japanese wines. Made with Lustau Manzanilla Sherry, Soto Daiginju Sake, lemongrass & rose oolong tonic syrup, and lime Juice, the drink comes topped with Topo Chico for that extra bit of sparkle.

If you’ve been looking for an elegant way to spice up your afternoon tea game, look no further than Rudolph’s Bar & Tea, located in the lobby of the Freehand Hotel.

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