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Sake is the name of the game at Sake Dojo. The bar and restaurant sits a few store fronts away from its sister restaurant Far Bar in the heart of Little Tokyo, and it serves up a healthy menu of its namesake beverage alongside oysters, sushi, and izakaya. There are also a number of Japanese whiskys available and a small, but impressive cocktail menu.

White walls, a concrete floor, and a wooden bar help create a space that is bright and wide. There is a separate sushi bar stationed at the back as well as a room for private events. The atmosphere at Sake Dojo is laid back, yet dignified. TVs line the walls above the main bar, making it a great place to watch a game without the usual hoots and hollers found at the usual sports bars.

sake dojo cowboy bebop

There is an impressive list of Sake available that should impress aficionados, while a variety of Sake flights are perfect for those looking to get initiated. A variety of Sake are offered on tap along with Japanese beers. Fans of Shochu will also be happy to find a number of options available.

Those looking for something stirred or shaken will enjoy a limited but impressively crafted cocktail menu. If you’re looking for a little pick me-up, order the Cowboy Bebop (Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky, Mr. Black Cold Brew, orange bitters, and orange peel). Slight hints of bitterness and a touch of sweetness accompany the warm and savory drink as it goes down. It’s perfect for sipping next to a small, powerfully flavored dish.

With its bright and warm confines, laid back yet elegant atmosphere, and impressive list of Sake and well-curated cocktails, Sake Dojo is a perfect spot to let the stress of the day melt away.

Find It Here:
333 E 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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