CocktailsSherry Butt Blends Parisian Sensibility With Japanese Flavors For Low-ABV Highball, 6:48 a.m.

Sherry Butt Blends Parisian Sensibility With Japanese Flavors For Low-ABV Highball, 6:48 a.m.


Tucked away in an almost hidden corner of Le Marais in Paris, the Sherry Butt draws much of their inspiration from Japanese culture. So is the case with the 6:48 a.m., a low-ABV highball variation that uses shochu as its base.

Raphaël Blanc, head bartender at Sherry Butt, uses smoked vanilla syrup, pandan, and sobacha to create a classic highball that’s also lighter on its feet. Learn more about the drink below and figure out how to make it at home:

Sherry Butt 6:48 a.m. Shôchû Highball

Sherry Butt

Raphaël Blanc

Cocktail Name:
6:48 a.m.

Type of cocktail:
Shôchû Highball

Classic Highball but lighter

What make it unique:
The association between a smoked vanilla syrup, the nutty, herbal flavors of the pandan and the roasted notes of the sobacha goes very well with the rice shôchû flavor profile.

Why does it represent the bar?
First, at Sherry Butt we like drawing our inspiration from Japanese culture which provides us with a large field of new flavors like shôchû and sobacha. Second, we are used to looking for simple cocktails, more based on balance and combination of flavors than on fancy techniques.

Ingredients and measurements: 

  • 30ml Shôchû de riz Osuzuyama Yamasemi 
  • 20ml Dry Madeira infused with pandan  
  • 45ml Sobacha  
  • 30ml Verjuice  
  • 20ml Smoked Vanilla Syrup



Ground Sobacha + Seasonal Leave

How to make syrups/infusions/bitters/etc:  

Smoked Vanilla Syrup:  

  • 2 vanilla pods 
  • 7g smoked tea  
  • 1,1L Water  
  • 1kg Sugar  

Boil water with vanilla, stop the heat, add smoked tea and let infused for 15min at least. Add  sugar, stir, strain et voilà !  


  • 15g Sobacha  
  • 1.1L Water  

Boil water, add sobacha and let it infuse for 15 mins, strain. 

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