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Sherry Butt feels miles away from its fashionable Marais address. Warm wood fills the space. The menu is scrawled across a chalkboard behind the bar. Low chairs cover the lounge area, creating a living room-type calm. From the moment you walk into Sherry Butt, you feel like you’re at home.

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The bar’s location down a quiet street, off the district’s main thoroughfares helps create a sense of individuality and tranquility that pervades throughout. No one inside is rushed. People do not come here to be seen. Warm conversation fills the air, and it feels like everyone inside knows each other. Those who seek out the bar, or simply stumble upon it, are rewarded with one of Paris’s warmest atmospheres and some of the city’s best adult beverages.

The cocktail list only has 11 entries, but it is made up of thoughtfully crafted drinks that use homemade ingredients. Creativity is a central point and flavors here span the globe with Japanese fruit spirits, Pisco, and English Gin all used as part of cocktails. Those looking for something a little bit more straightforward will be happy to find one of the French capital’s most distinguished whisky selections that also brings in selections from around the world.

On weekends, Sherry Butt transforms into a busy, hip neighborhood spot with DJs spinning deep into the night. Nonetheless, the bar manages to keep its warm feelings and the cocktails remain delicious, if whipped up a bit quicker.

If you find yourself in Le Marais on a weeknight and are looking for a spot for good cocktails and easy conversation, Sherry Butt is the place to go. If you’re looking for something hip on the weekend that is a little off-the-beaten-path, then Sherry Butt is still the place to go.

Find It Here:
20 Rue Beautreillis
75004 Paris, France

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