NewsSilent Pool Launches Paperboard Gin Bottle

Silent Pool Launches Paperboard Gin Bottle


Yesterday, to coincide with Earth Day, UK gin maker Silent Pool Distillers launched the world’s first paperboard spirits bottle.

Made by Frugalpac, the bottle for its Green Man Woodland Gin is five times lighter than a glass bottle, has a carbon footprint six times lower than glass or PET plastic bottles, and uses 77% less plastic than other plastic bottles of its size. 

The paperboard layer is made from 94 percent recycled paper, and the pouch inside is also recyclable. 

The distillery is one of only two approved bottling facilities for the Frugal Bottle in the world.

It comes as large drinks industry players such as Pernod Ricard and Diageo are pumping investment into the development of paper-based or lower-carbon footprint glass containers for their spirits.

Speaking on the new ‘green’ bottle, Silent Pool Distillers director Ian McCulloch said: 

“Other spirits brands have spoken about using paperboard bottles for a while. However, when you scratch the surface, you realise that they’re quite far away from making that a reality. We wanted to make a real difference right now. 

“With the release of Green Man Woodland Gin on Earth Day, we’re very proud to be the first 100-per-cent recyclable paperboard bottle on the market.”

Inspired by the woodlands of Surrey, Silent Pool’s home, the new gin intends to convey the essence of Pagan spirit the Green Man. It is distilled with 25 botanicals including hawthorne, rosemary, rowan, pine, rose hips, dandelion and birch leaf. 

Speaking on the new gin Sophie Best, general manager at Silent Pool Distillers, said: 

“We’re lucky enough to be located in the UK’s most wooded county and surrounded by amazing ancient woodland. Consequently, we’re all hugely appreciative of the unique sense of tranquility one finds within the forest and all of its healing properties.

“This inspired us to create a spirit that truly captures the environment, but moreover, to package that liquid in a way that significantly reduces the impact on the environment.”

Green Man is the latest step in Silent Pool’s journey to become a more sustainable distillery; its two stills use renewable fuel sources, the rest of the distillery is powered by solar panels, and it introduced a bottle refill facility at its site last year.

Silent Pool Green Man Woodland Gin can be purchased for £30 ($42 USD) via the company website.

In September, Silent Pool launched Rare Citrus Gin. The brand crafted the new release from “some of the World’s rarest and most intriguing citrus.”

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