NewsSpeakeasy Co. Launches Au Vodka In The US

Speakeasy Co. Launches Au Vodka In The US


The UK’s number one super premium vodka, Au Vodka, has selected Speakeasy as its official online partner. Speakeasy became successful by disrupting the beverage alcohol industry to allow streamlined direct-to-consumer sales for hundreds of brands. With their help, Au Vodka aims to make its mark in the US market.

Speakeasy achieves their success by making the direct to consumer process simpler for alcohol brands, while keeping the three tier system intact. As a partner to hundreds of brands, they create ease of fulfillment and offer marketing services, to ensure that brands can focus simply on their growth and continue to sell directly through their website.

“Au Vodka is a really special brand and was created by a truly amazing team, and we’re so excited to have a part in their US launch and work them as they make a name for themselves in this market,” says Josh Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Speakeasy. “We anticipate that there will be a lot of demand for Au Vodka, and love that we’ve been able to continue to do what we do best – take the headache out of this process so that brands can focus on their growth and expansion.”

The vodka industry has seen a rise in demand for more premium and flavored vodkas  Au Vodka has answered this demand. It was started by Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn in 2016 in the UK when they saw a gap in the market for a luxury vodka brand. They were bored of receiving birthday presents of the same vodkas year after year, and felt they could bring a more exciting vodka to market. Known for its eye-catching gold bottles and uniquely flavored vodkas, Au Vodka later saw investment from superstar DJ Charlie Sloth, who also helped build the brand’s social following. They are now the most followed spirits brand on TikTok. Au Vodka has also seen a 10,000% increase in e-commerce sales.

“When speaking with Speakeasy I felt they understood the US e-commerce market and were leaders in building platforms for brands like us, to be able to sell and build our brand in the e-commerce space,” says Daniel Price, Sales Director of Au Vodka for the US market. “Their ability to handle scale and merchandise is unparalleled, and they quickly understood our brand vision and passion for replicating our European e-commerce business state-side. They have allowed us freedom and collaboration to build our US website. We are very excited to be working with Speakeasy ahead of our launch.”

“Although we’ve achieved amazing success here in the UK and have hit some incredible milestones, I’m even more excited to make our mark on the global stage,” says Jordan Major, Head of E-Commerce for Au Vodka.

Au Vodka is now available at, with Black Grape and Original Vodka flavors, along with its popular accessories and branded products. The vodka is priced at $39.99 per bottle.

For more information, check out Au Vodka’s official website.

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