NewsStags’ Leap Launches Take the Leap Campaign, Allowing Wine Lovers To Explore New Worlds Via Augmented Reality

Stags’ Leap Launches Take the Leap Campaign, Allowing Wine Lovers To Explore New Worlds Via Augmented Reality


Stags’ Leap Winery has unveiled its Take the Leap campaign across multiple platforms, including Web Augmented Reality, streaming, and social media. Take the Leap invites wine lovers on a journey anchored in augmented reality through storytelling, world-building and artistry, as the winery looks to speak to consumers in a new way.

The campaign draws inspiration from Stags’ Leap’s “iconic stag logo, paying homage to the animal’s roots as a natural explorer that cannot be confined,” says the brand. Through illustrations, the campaign culminates as a story told through a never-ending augmented reality experience tied directly to the Stags’ Leap label. As the stag leaps into unexplored worlds through AR, the experiential journey changes shape entirely, going from black-and-white to a colorful, whimsical setting. Debuting with three unique worlds that will expand in the future, Stags’ Leap will continue to enrich the Take the Leap experience to enable a consistent cadence of excitement and imagination among consumers.

“Stags’ Leap Winery is thrilled to meld artistry with storytelling to bring our iconic Stag to life through this immersive, original campaign that speaks to consumers in an authentic and engaging way,” says Carl Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Treasury Americas. “Through this first-of-its-kind campaign, we are continuing our quest to become the most talked about winery out of Napa and cement our place as a producer synonymous with luxury, revolutionizing the way we reach our consumer through digital and in-store communications.”  

In selecting the participating designers, Stags’ Leap curated a group of today’s top artists that were able to translate the narrative into a larger vision of exploration into new worlds. Esteemed illustrator and print maker Joanna Lisowiec designed the first world, with the design duo behind brand architect firm Rezonate – Katwo and Nico Puertollano – creating the second. Finally, Nick Liefhebber, known for his colorful style, helmed the illustration of the vibrant third world. Each artist was selected for their unique illustration styles that embody different parts of the Stags’ Leap ethos of never-ending curiosity.

The first of the three worlds’ illustration is a fundamental representation of the brand, depicting the stag’s initial leap in the fantastical universe in scratchboard style. In the second world, the elements come to life through sculptural techniques with added depth, while still staying true to the black-and-white label in monochromatic fashion. In world three, the unknown, explorative nature of the campaign is unleashed when the stag enters a world beyond its own: colorful, clean, graphic, and playful. With surprises and “Easter eggs” sprinkled throughout, the contrast of the worlds symbolizes the stag’s adventurous and embracing nature as it travels to an unfamiliar destination, taking consumers on an interactive journey and acting as a groundbreaking campaign for not only Stags’ Leap Winery, but the overall luxury wine category.

To access the three premiere worlds within the campaign, consumers scan the QR code available on Stags’ Leap Winery’s website, social media accounts and in store point-of-sale build outs, then scan any Stags Leap wine label to bring the creative to life. User can also interact with the campaign by choosing their own adventure via interactive Hulu commercials, and engage via social media through an Explorer Quiz to find the world that best suits them, complete with a shareable moment to spur virality. The participating artists will also be featured across Stags’ Leap social channels to provide the public with an intimate view into their studios.

The debut of the Stags’ Leap Winery Take the Leap campaign is the first of two phases, with the second arriving in Spring 2022.

For more information, visit the brand’s official website.

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