NewsSweden Launches DIY Bars In Remote Spots Of Natural Beauty

Sweden Launches DIY Bars In Remote Spots Of Natural Beauty


In a bid to invite visitors, promote joy and show the best of the country’s incredible natural beauty, Visit Sweden has launched a new initiative called ‘The Drinkable Country’. 

Placed in locations around the country’s most beautiful and remote spots, fourteen open-air tables offer drinkers the opportunity to sample a range of drinks as prominent drinks industry experts help guests forage, mix and enjoy their own drinks.

Speaking about the initiative Jens Heed, programme director of food and travel at Visit Sweden said:

“The country’s 100 million-acre pantry of fruit, berries, vegetables and crystal-clear spring water is open to everyone.” 

An additional description of the program is offered on the Visit Sweden website: 

“Our drink recipes, based on local ingredients, are created with a vision to reflect Sweden’s beautiful nature. Together with local guides you can collect, mix and enjoy the drinks yourself, out in the world’s largest open-air bar stretching all the way from Sweden’s southernmost beaches to its mountain tops in the Arctic north.”

Foraged ingredients for suggested cocktail recipes include green birch, spruce shoots, dandelion flowers, wild sorrel, sugar snaps, lilac flowers and wild cherries, among many more.

The stellar cast of prominent beverage experts includes acclaimed sommelier Rebekah Lithander from Mutantur restaurant in Malmö (previously of the two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel Berlin in Skåne). And Emil Åreng, who was named Sweden’s best bartender in 2015, and was the creative director at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

Tables can be found across the Scandinavian nation, from Arjeplog in Lapland to Nyköping in Sörmland to Ramsvik and Göta Canal in West Sweden. Visitors can travel deep into Småland’s forest or to the island of Ven to find themselves a seat, which makes finding and enjoying these DIY bars a unique way to get to know the country.

Despite the remote locations, demand for the table experience is high – so reservations for tables are essential, and so is the availability of a good map!

For further information head over to Visit Sweden’s official website.

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