NewsTalisker Launches 27-Year-Old Elements Whisky

Talisker Launches 27-Year-Old Elements Whisky


Talisker has launched a limited-edition 27-year-old. triple-matured, cask strength single malt Scotch whisky named Talisker Elements.

Bottled at 58% ABV, Talisker Elements has been created “in homage to the power of the ever-changing elements on the Isle of Skye.” It is the second ever triple-matured Talisker released to date.

“The Isle of Skye is a constant inspiration for the whisky we craft and this bottle celebrates the power and depth of the elements around us by exploring the thunderous waves of flavours unique to Talisker’s rugged coastal home,” said Daniel Lumsden, Talisker distillery manager. “From intense smoky winds and beastly storms to sweet soaring skies and salty maritime aromas, the explorer spirit of Skye is captured by Talisker Elements.”

Elements has been aged in three different types of casks – first in refill casks, followed by heavily-charred casks, and finally in old European Oak Puncheons.

“Whisky lovers who brave the long journey to meet us on Skye will certainly be rewarded for their adventurous spirit by having the chance to taste what I regard as the most expressive, elemental Talisker released yet,” added Lumsden.

Just 2000 bottles of Talisker Elements 27 Year-Old whisky will be made available and can be purchased from Talisker’s Skye distillery retailing at £495 per 70cl bottle.

For more information, head over to Talisker’s official website.

Last April, Talisker revealed its oldest Scotch whisky to date – Talisker 43-Year-Old Xpedition Oak: The Atlantic Challenge.

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