BottlesTamdhu Thinks We Should Better Appreciate American Oak Sherry Casks, They're Probably Right

Tamdhu Thinks We Should Better Appreciate American Oak Sherry Casks, They’re Probably Right


Oloroso Sherry possesses rich walnut, balsamic, and tobacco notes that make the fortified wine particularly complex and elegant. Those features also make casks seasoned with the fortified wines excellent for aging whisky. Tamdhu only uses Oloroso casks to fully mature its single malt and is celebrating American Oak Sherry casks with its latest release, Quercus Alba Distinction II.

The second release in the Quercus Alba Distinction series salutes the nuanced flavor profile imparted by these first-fill casks. Starting its journey in the North American oak forests before being imported into Spain, this American Oak is crafted into casks in Spain’s ‘Sherry Triangle’ over the course of six years. During this period, the staves air dry in the Mediterranean sun before being assembled and toasted by skilled coopers. Oloroso sherry seasoning then takes place before the casks are ready to make their way to Speyside, where Tamdhu is located.

On the nose, Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II delivers warming notes of malt, vanilla, and spiced oak, along with zesty oranges and fresh mint. A rich and luxurious mouthfeel brings damsons and dark chocolate. The finish is prolonged with sherried oak giving way to figs, golden syrup, and freshly baked crumble.

“We’re dedicated to sherry casks at Tamdhu, and our Distinction series allows us to take an even closer look at how American Oak sherry maturation impacts our whisky,” said Sandy McIntyre, Tamdhu Distillery Manager. “Distinction II has a wonderfully nuanced profile that’s noticeable when compared to our European oak bottlings while still retaining that classic Tamdhu style – fruity palate, indulgent mouthfeel, soft oak, and unmistakable hints of sherry.”

Bottled at 48% ABV, Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II is priced at £67.99 and available through leading specialist retailers in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Asia, and Australia.

In September, Tamdhu brought back the age-old pairing of Scotch and Cigars with the release of Cigar Malt II.

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