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Tasca do Chico


If you’re in Bairro Alto and looking for Fado, Tasca do Chico is the place to go. Professional and amateur singers perform through the night at this well-known bar and eatery. While the rest of Lisbon may be changing quickly, Tasca do Chico continues to hold the same charm that it did when it opened over 25 years ago. The door is closed when the singing begins and cigarette smoke quickly fills the air.

Everything seems to be of the moment inside. Singers improvise alongside Portugese guitars as kitchen flames burst in the background.. The walls are covered with photos of fado singers who have come through the joint, which has become a mandatory stop of Lisbon fado’s circuit.

Those feeling a tad peckish can order up a variety of local specialties, from roasted chorizo to Alentejo cheese. A number of regional sausages are available, as well as black pudding. There is also homemade sangria available that comes filled with freshly cut fruit, which we certainly count as food.

This isn’t the place for a fancy cocktail with 15 ingredients and top shelf liquor, but if you enjoy a Caprinha, definitely order one from the bar. There are also a number of beers and wines available along with traditional two and three ingredients beverages, like a Gin & Tonic.

Tasca do Chico offers one of the most intimate settings anywhere to listen to Fado. It is a place that remains unchanged by time, where the smell of cigarettes and stale beer is accompanied by melancholy songs that date back over 200 years. The drinks are strong. the food is good, and it’s unlike any place you’ll find in Lisbon, or anywhere else for that matter. It is a must stop for anyone’s first trip to Lisbon.

Find It Here:
R. do Diário de Notícias 39
1200-141 Lisboa, Portugal

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