BottlesTeeling Whiskey Releases Ultra-Rare 33-Year-Old Expression

Teeling Whiskey Releases Ultra-Rare 33-Year-Old Expression


Only 300 bottles of rare Teeling 33-Year-Old Irish whiskey heading to US

Teeling Whiskey has a reputation for sharing some of the finest and rarest Irish Single Malts, and now they have added to that reputation with a release from the oldest inventory of Single Malt in the Teeling Whiskey Warehouse — Teeling 33-Year-Old.

Master distiller Alex Chasko hand-selected the rare casks that went into creating the Teeling 33-Year-Old. Through the use of a unique dual maturation method, the whiskey maker imparted depths of fruit flavors that complement the hint of smoke derived from the inclusion of a small portion of peated malt as part of the original ingredients used in production.

On the nose, it offers aromas of candied dry fruits and floral notes as well as pressed grapes. The palate delivers apricot, pineapple, and toasted almonds alongside a touch of clove spice. The finish is dry with hints of soft spice and sweet cherry lingering throughout.

Limited to just 5,000 bottles per batch, each hand-bottled in distinctive decanter bottles with their own certificate of authenticity, this small batch Irish whiskey bottling was recently bestowed with the title of World’s Best Irish Single Malt. 

Bottled at 49.7% ABV, the Teeling 33-Year-Old is priced at $3,699, just 300 bottles will be made available in the United States. For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

Back in July, Teeling unveiled its Explorers Series 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition. This innovative Irish Whiskey incorporates rare Mugi Shochu casks, resulting in an intriguing blend of Irish and Japanese influences.

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