BottlesTempleton Finished A Rye Whiskey In Imperial Stout Casks

Templeton Finished A Rye Whiskey In Imperial Stout Casks


Templeton Distillery has unveiled the fourth bottling in its Barrel Finish Series, the 2022 Stout Cask Finish. The limited-edtion Imperial Stout Cask Finish whiskey joins Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish (2021), the Caribbean Rum Cask Finish (2020), and the Maple Cask Finish Series (2019).

First introduced in 2019, the Barrel Finish Series focuses on utilizing unusual wood treatments and sourcing unconventional flavors to elevate each expression. This year’s release concentrates on delivering the flavors of coffee and chocolate, adding depth and complexity to the brand’s portfolio. Originally matured for six years in American oak flame-charred barrels, the Templeton Stout Cask Finish is finished in bourbon barrel-aged chocolate coffee stout casks for three months.

“This year, our Stout Cask Finish expression provides a fresh perspective and has proven disruptive within our Barrel Finish Series, mixing subtle coffee tones with rye pepper and spice,” said Blair Woodall, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Templeton Distillery. “This new-to-market release is sure to elevate any classic cocktail.” 

On the nose, aromas of roasted chocolate, creamy cocoa, and dried apricot hint at what’s to come. The palate is complex and full-bodied with sweet malt and roasted barley that dovetail with black cherries and toasted almonds, giving way to subtle coffee tones over a base of rye pepper and spice. The balanced finish features a creamy mouthfeel of roasted coffee and cocoa that slowly dissipates into a long decadent finish 

Bottled at 46% ABV, the Templeton Stout Cask Finish is available in limited quantities in both the USA and select international markets for $54.99 per 750ml bottle.

For more information, head over to Templeton’s official website.

In October, Templeton Distillery unveiled the 2022 edition of its Barrel Strength rye whiskey.

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