NewsTequila Herradura Partners With Pili Montilla On Radio Progam

Tequila Herradura Partners With Pili Montilla On Radio Progam


Tequila Herradura has partnered with Pili Montilla and her radio program, Truth and Tunes with Pili Montilla. The  Emmy Award-winning producer and host will be pairing up with the tequila brand to share authentic Latin culture with her fans through her radio show and social media platforms. Dash Radio features over 80 stations hosted by creators, curators, and celebrities, including Fun for Life Radio, where Montilla’s Truth and Tunes with Pili Montilla will be available.

“We are so excited to partner with Tequila Herradura and share its iconic brand message with our audience, not only on my streaming internet radio show but also through our extensive social media networks,” said Montilla. “We are also planning on co-producing various music events to be live-streamed from the amazing Dash Radio flagship studio space on Hollywood Boulevard.”

“Herradura is always thrilled to support artists, especially on Pili’s wonderful Truth and Tunes show on Fun For Life Radio, and we are excited to explore other creative marketing possibilities in the fast-growing streaming internet radio space pioneered by Dash Radio,” stateed Herradura Marketing Manager Micah McLendon.

Montilla is a Puerto Rico-born bilingual TV host and producer who’s best known for creating, producing, and hosting “Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla,” the show that earned her Emmy win in 2015. She aims to share Latin culture, music, fashion, and arts with her fans, offering a space for Latin musicians to share their stories and music.

Montilla discovered Tequila Herradura through her radio show and immediately took an interest in the brand, leading to their partnership.

Truth and Tunes with Pili Montilla premieres new episodes every Wednesday at 8am PST with replays on Thursdays at 9am PST, Saturdays at 10am PST, and Mondays at 5pm PST, giving listeners a variety of opportunities to catch the show. For more information about the show, head over to the Pili Montilla official website.

In March, Empire Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc and Tequila Herradura announced “In Her Words” – a video series honoring the contributions of women in music and highlighting indie artists. The series features Chicago R&B star Tink, R&B/rap up-and-comer Jean Deaux and Nashville rising act Tenille Arts.

In October, Tequila Herradura launched its newest expression, Legend. The new ultra-premium Tequila from the Brown-Forman-owned brand is a first-of-its-kind Añejo that will be a permanent addition to the company’s lineup.

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