NewsThe Queen Has A Secret “Booze Tunnel” That Runs From St James’s Palace To A Bar In Mayfair

The Queen Has A Secret “Booze Tunnel” That Runs From St James’s Palace To A Bar In Mayfair


Queen Elizabeth II has a secret “booze tunnel” that runs directly from St James’s Palace to an upscale cocktail bar in Mayfair, according to news reports. The tunnel runs straight from the royal residence to the famous Duke’s bar inside Duke’s Hotel.

Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank revealed the news of the “booze tunnel” in a conversation recounted by the Daily Mail. He divulged the secret pathway when discussing the numerous rumored tunnels that lead in and out of the Palace.

“There is one to Dukes Bar from St James’s Palace,” he told the Mail’s royal editor Richard Eden. Adding, “I haven’t used it yet. But I’d love to check it out.”

In the same story, Brooksbank went on to tell Eden that he once got into trouble for suggesting that Casamigos Tequila, for which he now works as a brand ambassador, “doesn’t give you hangovers.”

“You have to tell people to drink responsibly,” he added.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles unveiled this week that his beloved Aston Martin runs on wine and cheese.

Back in May, HRH Queen Elizabeth ventured into gin-making once again by distilling a new drink, Ballochbuie, at her Balmoral retreat. Earlier in May, she launched a £30-a-bottle sloe gin in her royal shops – a new addition to the growing collection of spirits bearing the royal crest. Dubbed Buckingham Palace Sloe Gin, it is sold by the Royal Collection.

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