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The Rootz Bar


Located on Valletta’s drinkery packed Strait Street, The Rootz Bar delivers a unique experience that’s perfect for those looking for exceptional cocktails. Fresh squeezed fruit juices are the name of the game when it comes to many of the beverages on offer and the bar serves them from a romantically dark setting. Tables line the steps of the narrow street outside and musicians play from the bar’s entrance.

While the entrance is not easy to discern, those who pass by won’t be able to miss the bright concoctions that come out of its doors. The interior is made of centuries old stone and the small wood bar lets visitors gander at the magic being created from only a foot away. 

Attention to craft and excitement for process are part of what makes Rootz Bar such an intriguing stop. They believe fresh juice elevates cocktails and when the drinks are created with the capable hands that helm Rootz bar, it’s certainly true. The drinks are fresh and full and don’t mask the spirits that come in them, rather, the entire experience is lifted.

Rootz Bar Filosofo

Among the bar’s finest offerings comes in the form of the Filosofo. Made with fresh squeezed orange and ginger juices, the dark Rum beverage also features brown sugar and limes. Those looking for a fruit-forward play on an old favorite will be thrilled with the Strawberry Margarita, which features Tequila and Triple Sec along with fresh lime juice and housemade strawberry syrup.

The tables outside the bar are packed with thirsty revellers, and for good reason. Rootz Bar’s fresh juice-oriented creations are exceptional and unique among the many bars that fill the packed street. The setting may be a bit cramped, but it only adds to the establishment’s romantic feel. Those looking to enjoy the freshest of beverages while seated under street lamps will do well to find themselves to Rootz Bar.

Find It Here:
11 Strait St. 
Valletta, Malta

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