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Torres 15 Reserva Privada


Torres 15 Reserva Privada delivers everything you could want from a Brandy and more. Soft, smooth, bright and still full, with a little bite at the end, the grape-based spirit from the iconic Spanish house reminds us that it isn’t just the French who are creating Brandy worth discussing.

Torres 15 Reserva Privada is a Spanish Brandy from Catalonia and is distilled in the traditional manner from white wine, before aging in American oak casks. The brand uses the solera method of aging and blending. The expression was created as a tribute to Miguel Torres Carbó, who rebuilt the winery after it was destroyed in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War.

On the nose, the Brandy offers aromas of vanilla, citrus, and hazelnuts with a touch of heat. The palate is soft and energetic with more citrus and vanilla blending with bursts of white grapes and notes of almonds. The finish is smooth and short, delivering walnuts, apricots, and toffee.  

Spanish Brandy often gets overlooked, but the Torres 15 delivers all of the complexity and elegance one could expect from a fine Cognac. As a tribute to the man who rebuilt the winery, it’s fitting. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and appreciation for craft are what lies at the heart of both the post civil war rebuild and the Brandy.

In some sense, this Brandy acts as a reminder that we as consumers and reviewers need to remain open and not become too consumed with region of origin. In Spain even, good Brandy is associated with Jerez. But Torres, a renowned house located much further north in Catalonia, continues to deliver quality spirits, even if the region doesn’t carry the same weight on this side of the Atlantic.

On a cool night with the city twinkling far below, the Brandy, served neat in a tulip glass, pairs perfectly with fall. It is also supposed to make a heck of an old fashioned, but its so good on its own that we may never find out.

Torres 15 Old Fashioned

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