NewsTruly Taps Dua Lipa To Curate ‘Inspired’ Concert Series

Truly Taps Dua Lipa To Curate ‘Inspired’ Concert Series


Truly Hard Seltzer has launched Truly Inspired, a summer virtual concert series, co-created and produced by Live Nation, featuring artists curated by Dua Lipa. As the latest installment of the brand’s No One Is Just One Flavor campaign, ‘Truly Inspired’ shines a light on the artists driving Dua’s inspiration in music and art.

Dua selected three acts to join her in the ‘Truly Inspired’ series, including American hip-hop duo EARTHGANG, Irish singer-songwriter and musician Dermot Kennedy, and Korean-American singer, DJ, and producer Yaeji. In addition to the concert series, which will stream on the Live Nation Channel on Twitch, fans can also look forward to one-on-one conversations between Dua and each of the artists, giving viewers a chance to see these stars connect and explore their craft, creative outlets, and what inspires them.

“Truly has given me a special opportunity to share with the world some of the artists I love most by empowering me to curate a virtual concert series full of acts that inspire me personally,” said Dua Lipa. “Each of these artists represents an individual perspective, a distinctive part of the world, an original corner of music, and they all inspire me uniquely. In addition to the performances, I will be sitting down with each artist, and together we’ll chat, have some fun and maybe even have a couple of drinks as we explore how No One Is Just One Flavor.”

“Our drinkers are avid learners, fearless explorers, music lovers, and always on the forefront of what’s new,” said Boston Beer Company CMO, Lesya Lysyj. “Truly Inspired gives life and sound to the message that No One is Just One Flavor by celebrating the different artists that are inspiring one of the most influential artists in music.”

In May, Truly Hard Seltzer joined forces with Dua Lipa to launch the brand’s No One Is Just One Flavor campaign. The campaign celebrates the unique flavors of Truly and the unique sides to each one of us.

Livestream Schedule:

  • EARTHGANG: 8/24, 9:30-11:30pm ET
  • Dermot Kennedy: 9/9, 4-6pm ET
  • Yaeji: 9/21, time TBD

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